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Jasmine Forum’s New Leadership

Jasmine’s graduates opened the forum for influential female economic leadership. This will help new entrepreneurs and promote rights for independent business women in Israel: “there are many powerful women in Jasmine and we can path the way”

The first session of the “Influential Female Economic Leadership Forum” took place recently and marked the beginning of a new promising process led by Jasmine and its graduates. The forum is based upon a treaty which was signed in the last Jasmine Conference in July 2018 “Women in the Center of Influence”. The conference discussed the goal of bringing social change in the short and log run: “a group gathered for the session to brainstorm and think of a new program which will strengthen Jasmine’s graduates and keep on leading and paving the way”, says Rotem Ilyahu ,the Forum’s manager, “our motto is to create an influential female economic leadership”.


The leading team includes Ilana Bar, Sarit Segal, Daniella Klein, Iris Cohen and Smadar Sabo ***. The team’s aim is to operate in two levels: strengthening the business ties between members of the forum; create a female forum which promotes a common goal of the graduates and Jasmine for the long run. Jasmine’s graduate forum is a volunteer platform, and in last July, about 20 women took part in the opening session, which included lectures and gathering around a round table. “we conducted a discussion on needs, ideas and recommendation as to how to promote leadership,” explains Rotem, “the next step was to present these Ideas to Kiram and Jasmine’s management.

The Bulldozer the Pushes Jasmine’s Women to Success

 When you say “Kiram” you say it all. Kiram Baloum, Jasmine’s CEO is the soul, the bulldozer and the leader behind the success of numerous women from different sectors with different backgrounds. One of her secrets to success is the warm, personal connection she has with every woman that steps in and is eager to succeed. Baloum is a hard worker, has no compromises and pushes everyone with great determination.

Jasmine’s Forum was established by IZUN Program’s graduates. IZUN has trained 52 independent women to reach leading positions, 29 in 2017 and ten of them were integrated into influential positions. “IZUN has 5 yearly cycles which aim to build a generation of female economic leadership, which will be one of the center decisions- making hubs and become an influential power on the Israeli economy and society”, explains Baloum, “therefore it is important for the program to have continuance in the long- run. Our goal is to lead social- economic change in Israel, because if we don’t make the change, no one will. “

The Entrepreneurship Committee of the Forum will assist new entrepreneurs

Of the ideas presented to Baloum and Jasmine’s management, it was decided to focus on building 2 main committees: “Jasmine Community for Business Women’s Rights”, led by Sarit Segal and the “Future Generation- Young Entrepreneurs”- led by Rotem Ilyahu, who also manages the Forum.

“The Entrepreneurs Committee’s goal is to create a program of 6-8 sessions of lectures which provide tools and knowledge for new entrepreneurs”, explains Ilyahu, “the activity is aimed for women who are still in the beginning of their career or these who are considering establishing their business, or those who have just established their business and want to advance with the help of the experienced women members of the Forum”. These graduates provide knowledge from their experience in law, marketing, leadership and mental strength, and they themselves are the lectures in the sessions.

“We are creating a double effect, a personal connection with every one of the young entrepreneurs and new innovative tools for them. We are not mentors but a figure to guide and offer advices,” concludes Ilyahu, a PhD researcher in education and literature, owner of a consultancy and promotion of educational and social initiatives, and who recently established a company together with another graduate of IZUN program. The two plan to launch their company soon.

Ilyahu continues to talk about the time she dedicates for the forum and says: “we all volunteer but we receive a lot. Jasmine gives us tools to follow through our personal and professional paths. We all gain from the Forum and its sessions which provide tools and enrichment to address the women’s needs and the second part focuses on our giving for the new entrepreneurs”.

The Forum’s Activity on Promoting Rights for Independent Business Women

The second committee operating within the Forum, led by Sarit Segal, aims to achieve long- term goals to promote independent women and work towards achieving their rights. Today, there are many organizations and NGOs promoting certain areas and providing certain services but there are no organizations which are gathering all activities done so far and address the needs. “there needs to be straight-lining with these organizations and gather all information, activities and needs nationally. We plan to publish a call for action of powerful women in different industries which can collaborate for shared learning. Then we can publish the shared knowledge and promote our agenda”, says Ilyahu, “our main goal is to create a community of business women to whom we can pass on our knowledge and experience. The second stage is to identify challenges and create a public discussion. We will eventually collaborate and become a great power which promotes awareness and legislation- we will bring change”. In this coming year, the committee will dedicate its time to learning and establishing a professional panel of successful leading women in key positions within the public system and have wide knowledge and experience.

Sarit Segal, committee manager, an independent women, owner of a marketing real-estate company, graduate of IZUN’s latest cycle: “we are re-inventing the wheel

but we want to create a collaboration and gather all what has been done and go to battle, to help women realize their rights but also to promote them to establish their own businesses and get the whole package. The existing forums are busy working on achieving rights, but we want to gather them all, taxing, reporting, maternity grants, expense offsets etc., because Jasmine can do it. There is a liability here, we are marching a long way. Jasmine provides these women all tools needed to succeed, and we want to create continuance. I can see the day which we will become part of legislation, and that day isn’t far. There are many women who believe in Jasmine, who follow their intuition, because eventually we all had the same experience in the business world, and it’s time to pave the way for others”.