The conference included lectures, workshops and inspirational success stories. Kiram Baloum, CEO and founder of the Jasmine Association: “Business development through digital avenues is a necessary move for any business owner wishing to survive, and all the more so for business growth.”


“We’re truly lucky to be alive in this generation, which has given us broader opportunities for choosing our careers. My own experience as a woman and an Arab included gender and racial discrimination, and additional difficulties due to living in the peripheries. As business women we face remarks that deflate our ambition, making it all the more important to strengthen our psychological robustness if we wish to be both good mothers and career minded women. We need to believe in ourselves, own our successes, and surround ourselves with the right women. We need circles of successful women to inspire and support each other,” said Ola Baker Salamah, opening the 20th Jasmine Conference titled “Digital-Me” as its moderator. Held jointly with the Israel Internet Association, the conference was dedicated to raising awareness and providing tools for developing digital marketing to business owners based on the understanding that management of digital assets is currently a basic condition for managing a successful business.

Kiram Baloum, founder and CEO of Jasmine Association, initiated and led the conference. Jasmine works to promote Jewish and Arab women as successfully independent business owners, and seeks to create economic and social change in Israel. “Three years ago I met Kiram, a strong and highly motivated woman and want to thank you for being there and for your inspiration,” Baker Salamah acknowledged warmly, closing her introductory remarks.

As a successful businesswoman who rose through the ranks of Jasmine and currently serves as its chair, Rogette Hinnawi noted that “The Jasmine Association is deeply involved in promoting and integrating women in the business world. Jasmine’s aim is to build and strengthen coexistence between Arabs and Jews. Jasmine achieves this by training and following up some one thousand Jewish and Arab women annually throughout Israel. From my own experience, every time I attended a course, focused study day or the annual meet-up, I receive tools for effectively promoting my business.”

Yael Dromi is Deputy CEO and head of the Bank Hapoalim Stakeholders Division. The bank partners, and is active in, Jasmine’s activities. Yael Dromi: “The foundation for success is knowledge. Women coming to manage a business feel less confident than men, but this lack of confidence can be bridged through knowhow. The conference is the road to success, to realizing dreams.” Meital Schwartz, VP at the Israel Internet Association, discussed the strategic and business promoting importance of digital branding and websites with conference attendees. Dr. Michal Shapira, Head of the School of Advertising and Marketing Communication at the Academic College Ono, which hosted the conference, noted that “the digital world has closed the gap between large scale advertisers and small businesses. Currently anyone who knows how to correctly use digital options can go far.”

The conference included enrichment lectures, starting with Vered Huri, CEO of Ewise, who provided useful tools for marketing to customers. “We have a certain range of clients, and we can relate to them differently. Create surprises, characterize the brand’s nature, set values as a central aspect of that characterization. Our recommendation is to separate between the brand’s characterization and your private personality.” Huri discusses commercial sites, Facebook, managing group, chatbots, and more.