Our Projects

Studies show that many women build their businesses after encountering social and financial challenges. Businesses and especially SMEs are the key for women in different societies to overcome gender and cultural barriers and go out to work. Women are the society. They are the catalyst of society, they create norms and values and pass it on from generation to generation. They should contribute to the economy and the economy should feed on their success. Establishing a business is not only an economic boost, but also a new opportunity for women to integrate in the labor market. It is a main source of income for these women and as such, it gives them the opportunity to become independent, not only financially but also socially. When women are independent they become less poor, less unfortunate and less weak. Jasmine has developed a few programs after identifying these challenges, studying the field and drafting solutions and recommendations accordingly.

Jasmine promotes women entrepreneurs and business women of all sectors in Israel through 5 main channels:

  1. Accompaniment and support of new businesses
  2. Minimizing digital gaps in the business world
  3. Business development and growth
  4. Establishing and strengthening business partnerships and networking
  5. Promoting influential female economic leadership