Independent women’s Community

Jasmine’s Community – “Independent women’s Community for Equal Rights”

Women do not enjoy full equality of opportunity in business, and this inequality prevents them from developing and advancing in their fields. Women-owned businesses , which constitute a business sector in Israel – do not receive significant support from the government. The Israeli government does not offer a solution to the economic burden imposed on women and does not promote the rights of business owners and self-employed women. Jasmine is working to bring about a profound change in the public discourse and in the economic structure of the State of Israel by providing equal rights and opportunities for business owners and self-employed women. We want to influence not only the public discourse in Israel, but also to change it. We must understand that the change requires a breakage of the hierarchical economic structure in which it is rare to find women at the top of the pyramid. Jasmine is acting to instill the recognition that in integrated forces, a profound change can be made in public discourse and in the economic structure.

Jasmine’s emphasis is on feminine power – on the tremendous power of cooperation between women, on female cohesion in general, and on strong and opinionated businesswomen in particular. As part of a three-year strategy, Jasmine develops and builds the Jasmine Community – “Independent for Equal Rights,” a virtual community that will create a unified and influential force built on the strength of thousands Israeli, Arab and Jewish business owners and self-employed women. This community will work and demand to lead a different economic leadership that puts their rights at the center.

Together with the community, we will work to promote a series of economic rights and benefits such as:

  1. Gender analysis and recognition of the importance of promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship and businesses owned by women.
  2. To promote a strategic plan that will address the needs of women entrepreneurs and, in full cooperation with all organizations that promote this issue.
  3. Promoting legislation – purchase from small businesses and businesses owned by women.
  4. Granting business credit, guaranteed by the State that is adjusted to women-owned businesses.
  5. To provide incentives for each new business owned by a woman, for 3 years.
  6. recognition of expenses related to the business owner’s family such as childcare.
  7. Recognition of working days during maternity leave for self-employed women.

These include: tax benefits for self-employed women, recognition of childcare expenses, benefits for pension funds, unemployment payments, and more.