Kulanu Program - Reaching Economic Independence

Kulanu Beyachad (all of us together) Program- designed for severely economically marginalized Arab and Jewish women, who are coming from disadvantaged sectors in the Israeli society – specifically Ethiopian, Russian and Arab women. “Kulanu- Beyahad” offers a holistic approach to empower economically marginalized women and it’s unique by its overall look on women’s needs. The program enables women to become economically independent by opening their own home-running business and to be socially empowered as a result from the process they are going through. The program provides: non-bank, interest-free micro-loans of up to $1,350 USD to participants to establish their own small, home-run businesses; group and personal training, focusing on financial tools and knowledge given to the women in topics such as drafting a business plan and how to start a business; one-on-one business consultancy; and in the advanced stage of the program, group and personal training for expanding and growing the business. Throughout the program, Jasmine will conduct serval cross-sector-joint meetings between all the groups in order to create networking and a way for the women from all different sectors to connect with each other, to cooperate and to foster co-existence. The main goals of the program are: (1) To combat poverty by economically empowering women from low-income communities; (2) To increase the number of small women-owned enterprises in all population sectors in Israel; (3) To foster coexistence and tolerance by increasing opportunities for interaction and economic cooperation between the different groups of the program