Chairwoman’s Words

I am proud to stand today as the Chairwoman of Jasmine, which does excellent work in promoting Jewish and Arab women owners of businesses. Aside from its extensive activities, Jasmine leads social change, breaking barriers and ceilings.

Unfortunately, women in Israel from all sectors, religions and status, still do not have equal rights. Our capability as a non- profit organization is to empower these women and help them grow and develop, and help other women integrate into the business world, hence leading to social change. I believe that together we can be an influential female power, strong, independent and talented women, who harvest their success day by day with the help of Jasmine. Jasmine’s graduates are a force by itself, they lead change through their work.

My faith in women as an economic and business engine comes from my personal story. I was a young mother of 3 boys, 28 years of age when my husband passed away. With the help of the family, I decided to continue his path as the owner of a liquor store, face all challenges and build a successful business. Today, I am the head of Hinnawi Group, a family business, which includes 9 stores of “Wine & More”, 3 of them are franchised, and Enoteca Company, wine and alcoholic beverages importation company. I’m proud not only for the business accomplishments that I had, but also proud of my 3 sons, who joined the family business after graduating from college. My sons know and believe that women can and should manage businesses. Today, Hinnawi generations continue to expand the family business, as I’m the owner of Rojette Café in Jaffa, a place of co- existence and shared life between Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

My position as Chairwoman of Jasmine comes with a lot of ambition and faith. I have a personal need to empower and help women. I fundamentally believe that women can and should bring social change through business. I know that women can break free and use all her power when empowered, and that’s what we must do.

 I would like to thank Jasmine’s management and CEO for giving me their trust and I promise to work together to empower women and promote Jasmine’s important work.

Chairwoman’s Words- Miss Rojette Hinnawi