Success Stories

From Survival to Opportunity: The HOW behind Adv. Bilhah Metzger’s growth during the global COVID-19 crisis

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Graduates of Jasmine’s “Izun” program, Rotem Eliyahu and Shuruk Attamana, have established a joint venture together – the “Mamatzati” virtual mall, which encompasses dozens of crafts & arts stores

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The number of ad clicks had tripled and sales expanded globally

"The Zinuk program had turned my old fashioned business into an innovative and advanced model" Read more

From a deficit to the “Zinuk” program and all the way to a 20% increase in revenue – the amazing tale of Sachar Huri

Thanks to the Zinuk program I went from a 35% deficit to a 20% revenue surplus after giving myself a 300% raise" Read more

How did entrepreneur Sigal Zuker increase the business turnover by 15%?

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Crossing all boundaries: Suzi Bar’s Inspirational Success Story A Jasmine Graduate

She employs over 100 workers in her business, she serves as a director and as a council member in her hometown Shoham- and in between she continues to draw other women to success together with Jasmine's CEO, Kiram Baloum Read more

Feminine IZUN: the inspirational story of IZUN’s mentors and graduates

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Ossi’s Success: from a small beachside restaurant to a director and mentor for entrepreneurs

Meet Osnat (Ossi) Hillel Fine, owner of an independent company which accompanies different business men and women and entrepreneurs. In addition, Ossi is a director in 3 public companies in Israel. Ossi was recruited 2 years ago as a mentor for Jasmine's IZUN program, which turned out to be an inspirational story, just like her career. Read more

Placing Women in Directorate Positions- A Model that Works: ‘Jasmine’s’ ‘IZUN’ program is one of a kind in Israel

How does 'IZUN' - the unique and exclusive Israeli program built by 'Jasmine' - succeed in supporting and training women business owners for senior positions in the Israeli market? Read more

To believe, to strive and to leap ahead with determination and courage

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Niveen’s Transformation

 Niveen Rouhana, a senior nurse, came to Jasmine after looking for a professional entity to assist her in establishing an independent business. Today, she is the owner of a leading esthetics center for women and is one of Jasmine's many success stories Read more

Aziya Haj

"Belief in our abilities has a great influence on our future" Aziya was born in 1958 and married at the age of 16.5 She soon found herself raising four sons - two of them were born blind. With the birth of her first child, who was born blind, she decided that she could change the future for him if only she will use all her strength to help him Read more

Rotem Eliyahu

In the present - a Doctoral student, in the future aspires to be – a Influential Director Rotem Eliahu, was born in 1985, married to Kfir and mother of three wonderful children - Shai, Neta and Noga. She holds a BA in Literature and Special Education and has already received a prize for encouraging outstanding doctoral students in the name of the poet David Yekutieli. She is an outstanding Doctoral student of the Department of Jewish Literature. The Doctoral dissertation is in its final stages and it about to be submitted. A monograph research on the Druze poet Prof Read more

Tamar Rahamim

Tamar Rahamim believes in the connection between honesty and wisdom, high abilities, education, and many years of experience in the municipal system. She holds a B.A in Political Science & Human Resources and a master's degree in Law from Bar-Ilan University. She also holds a diploma in architecture and interior design. She is married to Benjamin and has five wonderful children and 5 grandchildren. Tamar has always been a social activist, a caring, curious and influential woman. Read more

Shuruk Atamna

Shuruk Atamna, 39, married with two daughters, lives in Baka al-Gharbia. She holds a BA in Medical Laboratory Sciences and a MA in Microbiology from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. These days Shuruk is promoting and positioning MSD prescription drugs for the target audience in the Arab population. Read more

Najah Hir

There was quite a lot of water flowing under the bridge since we first told the inspiring story of Najah Hir, who established a gluten-free bakery named after her daughter Yarra, who has celiac disease. Read more

Hanan Kabha Abu Mouk

Hanan Kabha Abu Mouk, Founder and CEO of the Abu Jamil Farm, BA in communications and business administration, was born in the village of Barta'a, in a large family Read more

Einat Mizrachi

Einat Mizrachi is the director of the "Haatzama" (Empowerment) center, has MA in social work, entrepreneur, who creates and distributes love in the world. She is involved in psychotherapy, Read more

Ravid Hachmon Productions

Ravid Hachmon, an entrepreneur and has been engaged in production and events management for 9 years. It's an extremely dynamic and diverse field, which allows Ravid to visit extraordinary places and meet especially interesting people. Read more

Mazi Roth

At Jasmine, I met a solid, groundbreaking, fighting, aspiring way of thinking. Exactly the type I like. Everything for women-owned businesses." Read more

Ollaa Bachar-Salameh

Ollaa Bachar-Salameh, 36, married to Annan Salameh and a mother of two little angels, Sarah and Khaled. Born in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Acre.Ollaa is the CEO of "Sibana Medical", which is developing research and products to prevent the absorption of fat after aesthetic procedures. Read more

Al Mutran Guest House

The story of: Iman Zuabi

Iman Zuabi, an accountant, had a dream – to open a guest house in Nazareth Read more


The story of: Luba Alterman

Luba Alterman, developed special methods and tools that transform chess into an exciting experience for children. Read more

Give ‘N’ receieve

The story of: Michal Laufer

After realizing that most games designed for children actually promote negative values Read more

Yaara Bakery

The story of: Najah Chier

Najah made her mission to make her daughter delicious gluten-free baked goods Read more