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Jasmine Forum’s New Leadership

Jasmine's graduates opened the forum for influential female economic leadership. This will help new entrepreneurs and promote rights for independent business women in Israel: "there are many powerful women in Jasmine and we can path… Read more >

Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

On 30/05/2018 a fascinating event was held at Intel, Kiryat Gat. The event was put together thanks to the partnership between Intel Israel, Jasmine and Zionut 2000. This partnership created a dedicated and determined group… Read more >

Branding and visibility on the web

A part of Jasmine's "Izun- Influential directors" program, Jasmine Initiated a fascinating meeting to discuss the LinkedIn network, a network that connects all the influential people in the business world. The lecture was given by… Read more >

Dalia Lev – The vision that became a reality

"I believe and act in equality, cooperation and positive thinking" Dalia Lev, was a mentor in the 2016-2017 cycle of the "Izun" program.  She continues to contribute her part in advancing this issue in Jasmine's… Read more >

Ninth and Tenth meetings of “Izun” Program

The last two meetings of the "Izun-training program for directorships" were a significant and exceptional leap forward. The group created in all its forms, whether in personal connections, investment, perseverance and quality. They connected as… Read more >

2018 will be the year of women

By Marianne Schnall 2017 has been a turbulent and trying year for women. In response to these attempts to diminish our power and silence our voices, women are harnessing their outrage. They are more engaged,… Read more >

Jasmine Annual Conference

Dear Sponsors, Partners and friends, I am honored to invite you to our Jasmine Annual Conference, on Monday, December 11, 2017, at the Avenue Airport City. This year the Conference is dedicated to small businesses… Read more >

Jasmine’s team enrichment activities

Jasmine's team, being the engine which drives our activities, is of great importance to us. Jasmine invests in team enrichment activities by providing lectures, knowledge and further development activities, emphasizing teamwork and promoting our agenda… Read more >

Diversity of suppliers

The WESOURCE project, led by Jasmine, in cooperation with Zionism 2000, and with the support of Bank Leumi, is a social project with the purpose to connect between divers, stable medium businesses and the supply… Read more >