Jasmine’s Board of Directors

Ms. Ofra Strauss, Jasmine’s Founder and Former President

Ms. Strauss is Chairwoman of the Strauss Group, a publicly traded food and beverage company. Ms. Strauss has donated a lot for Jasmine, promoted the organization in Israel and abroad, initiated many projects for Jasmine, mentored many women and has always been supportive of Jasmine..


Ms. Rojette Hinnawi, Chairwoman

Arab businesswomen owner of “Hinnawi Drinks” and a Café in Jaffa. Ms. Hinnawi is a member of Jasmine's leading team and constantly promotes Jasmine organization. She participates in meetings with donors and partners in Israel and abroad, donates her time and resources to promote Jasmine's annual conference and involved in Jasmine's budget. As of 2018, Rojette has become the Chairwoman of Jasmine. She believes in Jasmine and its activities and wants to dedicate more of her time to promoting Jasmine. Also, Rojette plans to accompany Jasmine's CEO to strategically manage the organization and build its capacity. She is one of the leading members of the strategical staff of Jasmine.


Ms. Amneh Taha, ACCT:  

An accountant and a member of Jasmine's audit committee. She assists Jasmine in financial matters and dedicates her time to promoting Jasmine. Amneh takes part in managing some of Jasmine's projects. She participates in Jasmine's meetings and activities.


Ms. Ilanit Rozentsoig, Adv: 

Owner of Ilanit Rozentsoig, Adv. Law Firm, specializing in litigation and legal advice to corporations, entrepreneurs and investors, organizations, NGOs and partnerships. Establishing new entities and dismantling companies. The firm specializes in offering solutions for each client personally and professionally, while taking into consideration their needs and business, time- line, resources and energy, to prevent legal problems and end the legal conflict efficiently.


Ms. Miriam Kokonda, Adv:

A member of Jasmine's audit committee. Assists Jasmine at times in legal matters, very active in promoting Jasmine in her circle.

Ms. Ilana Aviv, Secretary and Treasurer:

Owner of “Ilana Aviv Sculpturing”. Ms. Aviv is deeply involved in Jasmine's action and donates her time and resources to promote Jasmine. She is SAMA's program coordinator, participating in meetings with donors and partners, recruiting participants to programs and is involved in Jasmine's budget. Ilana grew in Jasmine and as such is dedicated to promoting Jasmine on social media.


Ms. Amira Fishman, Treasurer:

Owner of “Omanut Israel”. Ms. Fishman donates her time and resources to promote Jasmine organization. She is a member of Jasmine's leading team and participates in meetings with donors and partners in Israel and abroad, building Jasmine's database, recruiting participants to programs and is involved in Jasmine's budget. Amira volunteers as a coordinator of some of Jasmine's projects.


Ms. Belha Metzger, Adv: 

Bilha holds an LL.M. degree. Bilha is a partner and founder in the law firm Motai-Metzger-Garbawi and leads its corporate department. Bilha served in the Israeli police and today she represents clients in all courts in Israel and also acts as a lecturer in small and large companies and at the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety. Bilha is a member of the "Future Leadership Forum" of the Israel Chamber of Commerce and had graduated from various courses of the Israeli police and the Israel Bar Association.

Adv. Dikla Herman Cohen - entrepreneur, lecturer and director.

Focusing on labor law, tort and insurance, risk assessment and management, commercial law, litigation and business representation for over two decades.Represents in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Hebrew.Expert in legal strategies and negotiations.Combines her legal work with business development of lectures and investors guidance. Graduated with an MBA in business administration. Director of Nigun Hozer NGO in the field of business development. Active in promoting and empowering women for economic independence and leadership. Volunteering at the IDF Military Law School, a member of the International Committee of the Israel Directors' Association, a member of the Kochav Yair Women's Council.I believe: I believe in providing equal opportunities and providing tools for economic independence. I believe in connections and collaborations between people. Believes in doing good, giving and helping, endless learning and positive energies.


Smadar Sabo

Smadar brings vast experience in connecting business strategy to people,
enabling businesses to smoothly grow and scale up. Smadar developed her
career within the High-Tech industry leading complex operational initiatives
and managing merger and acquisition for large organizations. Smadar also
specializes as a human resource leader.

Smadar holds 2 Master’s degrees: Social Psychology from Bar Ilan
University, Israel and Organizational Learning from George Mason University,