Our Team

Kiram Baloum - Founder & CEO 

Kiram, an Arab-Israeli woman and community leader with significant leadership and management skills in the private and public sectors, has been with Jasmine since its inception. Kiram originally founded and managed the Women’s Unit at the CJAED (Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development) and has grown Jasmine into the well-known and successful not-for-profit it is today. Kiram has been deeply involved in building all of Jasmine’s programs and developing its extensive partnerships, which allow Jasmine to have a presence and impact throughout Israel. Kiram has been recognized by the women’s magazine “The Marker” as one of the 20 women leading social change in 2006, of the 20 most influential women in the country in 2009, and of 40 most successful women leaders in the Arab society in 2013.
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Naomi Pedersen - Resource Development Manager

Naomi, a daughter to a long lineage of women who consciously chose to take the traditional role of homemakers, is starting a new prospective for her family and others, to leave the home and increase our circle of influence through joining the work force and changing the reality for our own families and the general reality we live in. Joining 'Jasmine' is an exciting first step on this road, to walk hand in hand with inspiring women, this new path of co-operation and female world view in our world. I have high language skills in both English and Hebrew, interpersonal skills and marketing abilities. I have a high level of emotional involvement resulting in moving people and being moved.

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Nivi Zeevi - Resource Development

Living in Emek Hefer, married and mother of three. Nivi has a master's degree in Public Administration from Haifa University. Nivi has extensive experience in resource development
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Shira Itcovitsz Cohen

Office and administrative manager, with BA in Social Sciences.
Shira has a vast experience in marketing and services.
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Avital Za’arur- CPA

Avital is an independent CPA. She has over 20 years of experience as an auditor, tax advisor, accountant and as a CFO. She was the CFO of several private and public companies, including hi-tech companies. She specializes in analyzing processes in companies and implementation of procedures. Avital is also an advisor of the Ministry of Economy for small and medium sized businesses, is one of the owners of Us For You Ltd. And owns her own accounting firm.
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Orli Rudoy – Campaign and Advertising Manager 

Strategy and digital marketing for businesses and organizations. With 15 years of experience in management positions in marketing and advertising for leading local and international companies and brands such as P&G, Unilever, Telma, New- Pharm and more. Orli has a BA and an MA in Business Management, specializing in marketing. She is a professional in strategy and digital marketing: branding, media marketing like business Facebook, advertising campaigns, content management, LinkedIn and more.
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Doha Akram - Administrative Manager 

Doha is a B.A. student in Behavioral Sciences at Rupin College in Israel. Currently working as Administrative Manager and data analyst in Jasmine organization.
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Keren Mesilati

The owner of the "Keren Mesilati - management of content and social networks." Keren specializes in writing quality articles, branding articles, SEO articles, newsletters and more. She has a background in journalism, copywriting and marketing writing for various businesses, as well as managing of Facebook pages and other social networks.


Irit Adar – Graphic Designer 
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Zahi Segal – IT Support   

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