Jasmine’s Annual Businesswomen’s Conference

Jasmine’s Annual Businesswomen’s Conference- Jasmine conference 2015 hosted in Acre, in the

presence of Acre’s Mayor, Ms. Michal Tzok, The Deputy CEO Ministry of Economy of the

Israeli government and Ms. M”K Aida Touma- Sliman, The Chair Committee on the Status of

Women and Gender Equality in Knesset Israel. The conference was held on the 10th of

December 2015. This year, over 300 businesswomen, entrepreneurs, representatives of

governmental and nongovernmental agencies, embassies, members of the media and economic

experts were participated in the conference. This year the conference discusses the present

successes and future challenges of women owned businesses in Israel. The conference

successfully accomplished its’ goals and allow women entrepreneurs from different sectors and

from various business backgrounds and levels of experience to convene, make new contacts,

networking and learn about new developments in entrepreneurship and business. Furthermore, it

was a great opportunity for Arab, Druze and Jewish businesswomen to meet and share

experiences in an environment of shared interest. This year, several leading Israeli business

women shared their stories of their business success such as: Ms. Ofra Strauss, Ms. Heli Maman,

Ms. Nili Davidovitz, Ms. Nof Atamna Ismaeel and more. As a part of the conference’s schedule,

Jasmine conduct a symposium panel discussion that was tremendous interesting, exciting, vivid

and teaching for all the conference’s participants about the barriers that facing businesswomen in

Israel. At the symposium panel hosted Ms. Michal Tzok, Ms. M”K Aida Touma- Sliman, and

Ms. Stella Korin-Lieber, Journalist and Senior economic commentator at GLOBES magazine.