Innovation and Entrepreneurship program for young women

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship program for young women is aimed to present the idea of entrepreneurship, especially among economically marginalized young women, to expose them to various career opportunities, provide them with business entrepreneurship skills, practical tools and guidance for understanding the labor market. The program is designed for young women, who are on the verge of choosing a career path, often lacking the necessary knowledge to make the choice that suits them best. The program’s goals are to educate and encourage entrepreneurship from an early stage, to equip young women with the skills and knowledge that are essential to the development of the entrepreneurial culture. The program will provide them with tools necessary for understanding the labor market, the growing demand for innovation, as well as growing demand for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The program encourages young leadership among women, developing advanced 21st century job skills and workforce preparation. The program emphasizes the potential of young women to become entrepreneurs, role models in their communities, achieving economic independence, creating new jobs and increasing the percentage of women from peripheral sectors in the labor market.