“Octopus” program

For the first time in Israel: Unique certification for Management Consulting

Jasmine is launching the “Octopus” program: for the training and certification of business management consultants. The program includes guidance and practical support for the participants.
Thus, “Jasmine” builds economic resilience and business development for businesses, by training professional management teams from all over the country


“Jasmine,” which specializes in identifying and recognizing needs, develops dedicated programs based on findings emerging from the field, thus strengthening women-owned businesses across all of the country’s sectors.

The “Octopus” program is a consequence of a significant need identified by “Jasmine” – insufficiency in providing management tools to small business owners, inter alia due to the fact that more than 50,000 new businesses are opened each year while an equivalent number of existing ventures is put out of business in various and diverse sectors.



“The data we have practically spells out the answer to the fundamental problem which is the Achilles heel of many women-business owners, namely a lack of managerial knowledge and management tools,” says Kiram Baloum, CEO and founder of the association. “I come across indescribably talented women, but unfortunately, they are focused on the professional side rather than on the managerial aspects of the business, so at the end of the day they find their operations to be unprofitable. With the close supervision and mentoring it extends, the Octopus program is intended to build an avenue of specialized women – business management consultants, who will go wherever businesses operate in our country, to lead and undergo management processes hand in hand with them, strengthening and expanding businesses in Israel. In doing so, the “octopus arms” of the women-consultants who will be trained in the unique method we have developed, will constitute yet another step in realizing the vision for strengthening women’s economic independence in Israel, and driving economic and social change.”


These tools include ongoing management practices, profitable pricing, project management, business development, financial and strategic decision making, streamlining business recovery and even establishing a new business – all of which will enable Jasmine-trained management consultants to accompany businesses to growth and profitability, along with enhancing economic resilience, expanding the product portfolio of the business they own and increasing their profits. Among other things, “Octopus” graduates will be able to respond to authorities, companies, and organizations that provide support for businesses.


It should be noted that the unique “Octopus” program is suitable for women who are familiar with the business world, have a college education in accounting, economics, business administration, industry and management, tax consulting, organizational consulting, law and statistics.


To check eligibility and register >> link to a landing page

The program in collaboration with and supported by: Bank Hapoalim hosted by Cisco, New Jersey Jewish Federation, and Super-Pharm.