Ollaa Bachar-Salameh

Ollaa Bachar-Salameh, 36, married to Annan Salameh and a mother of two little angels, Sarah and Khaled. Born in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Acre.

Ollaa is the CEO of “Sibana Medical”, which is developing research and products to prevent the absorption of fat after aesthetic procedures. The offices are located in Nazareth and the company has 12 employees. The team is made up mostly of women that explore, develop and promote the company in an extraordinary manner. The idea behind the development is a revolutionary concept which will bring about a fundamental change into the world of aesthetics in general and in particular injections.

According to Ollaa’s it is not easy to run a business, a home and rising the children all at once, “At the beginning it was very difficult, especially because I had received negative comments from people around me, which lowered my motivation to move forward and break the “masculine” world in its definition. I’ve always said (and still is) that these are their perceptions- Their interest and not mine, and I have learned to convert their negativity into fuel which continues to start me forward, and of course, always smile while I encounter such situations”.

I got to know Jasmine about a year ago, I was very interested in Jasmine and its work, I approached to Jasmine’s amazing CEO, in order to learn more about the activities and work of the organization. Since then, I participated in several Jasmine’s astonishing events… Kiram Baloum is one of the most passionate and strong women that I have ever knew in my life, she is working from the heart and she is very loyal to Jasmine’s ideas and vision, I think we all have something to learn from her.

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