To believe, to strive and to leap ahead with determination and courage

Meet Malki Stern, a famous name in the jewelry business in Israel.
This is what she has to say, after joining Jasmine’s ZINUK program: “ZINUK is a program for courageous women, those who want to lead and make social change”.


Malki (32), a mother of three, owns the leading brand Amadoria- luxury jewelry who grew in the Ultra- Orthodox society and became a successful business woman. Here is her inspiring story. Malki Stern, a jewelry designer, manufacturer and owner of a modern line.

She immigrated from Belgium six years ago- and four years ago, she started her business independency.

Malki has a degree in accounting, speaks 5 languages fluently- after graduating from “Beit Yakov” in Belgium, majoring in languages and economy.

“When I came to Israel, after growing up in ‘Diamond Land’, I found little businesses that created unique and high- quality jewelry”. Thanks to her parents, who work as international watches dealers, she was exposed for many years to the international fashion world but in Israel she couldn’t find a suitable address for the supply like in Belgium.

“I found that shops all look the same or were boring and couldn’t find the luxury I was looking for in jewelry”.

When Stern talks about luxury, she means jewelry that cost 400-1000 NIS but give the feeling of glamour, unique designs and high- quality products.

“I sold jewelry for my friends in the beginning and that’s how I knew there is a need for these kinds of products”.

By identifying the needs for these products in the Israeli market, Malki found the unique product which will distinguish her from other designers. She started selling jewelry intuitively. “I started selling my products to friends and saw that with every product comes demands for more and more. I had to make more products. People were also exposed to jewelry which wasn’t gold but are with high quality and amazing designs”. Malki continued to sell her jewelry and expand more and more: “I read, learned, went to show rooms and became a manufacturer. I started looking for places that can help me create my jewelry”. It was during this time that Malki learned about Jasmine: “my colleagues in the fashion world recommended Jasmine’s conference, and so I participated in 3 conferences. Managing fashion businesses in Europe is different from Israel, so I wanted to learn how to. I was inspired by other women who made it in the business world”.

How do you define your business?
“Amadoria is a brand which became a synonym for beautiful luxury jewelry, making dreams come true for every woman and complete every outfit. It’s a trendy new and classic European brand with many beautiful designs. This exclusive jewelry collection is imported from Europe and manufactured with an Italian taste and special hand work. These are unique designs inspired by the leading fashion designers in the world”.

What made you choose ZINUK specifically?
“I started out great. Most people wouldn’t have chosen to commit for a program that lasts for 12 months, but I knew I needed tools to help manage my business better.  When I was notified about ZINUK, as an ambitious person, I knew this can be something good for me. I met with Kiram Baloum, CEO and founder of Jasmine, a day before the program started. Kiram is an amazing woman. I told her that I wanted to join the program to overcome the gap between the success my brand has in my community, in comparison to other markets in Israel. I joined ZINUK after making a decision to be more exposed and expand to other markets, with practical tools and accompaniment of Jasmine and ZINUK.

At what stage are you in ZINUK?
I’m in the practical stage of the program and I hope to implement the tools we received, it’s not easy juggling between business and being a mother. ZINUK’s facilitator, Anat Yaguri is amazing, she doesn’t give up. ZINUK is designed for courageous women who want to lead and make social change”.

What does ZINUK give you?

I’m very happy to have joined the program, I’ve made a lot of changes in the business ever since. ZINUK gave me new work methods. What’s good about it is that they give you tools to do things by yourselves, and that’s crucial- to know how to manage by yourself. Also, the atmosphere in the program is amazing, women sharing the same path. We received many management tools during the program with precise guidance how to work effectively and profitably. The leap that Amadoria had in the past few months were mainly through business development”.

“it needs hard work to manage a business, but I’ve made some good changes, set some regulations, work with data and software. I still have a long way to go and ZINUK gave me the push to become an excellent brand owner. I believe in innovations, I came with something and this something has high demand. My collections are wonderful and popular, and I need to maintain the brand in the long run”.

What’s your next goal?
ZINUK is a 12- month program. We are in the practical stage now. This is the moment of truth- to see that our efforts justify themselves in expanding the businesses and increasing profits”.