Niveen’s Transformation

 Niveen Rouhana, a senior nurse, came to Jasmine after looking for a professional entity to assist her in establishing an independent business. Today, she is the owner of a leading esthetics center for women and is one of Jasmine’s many success stories

Niveen Rouhana, 38, is one of tens of women who made her dream come true and opened a successful business, after asking Jasmine for professional guidance. Her fascinating story starts in a senior position in the community: “I saw and experienced the physical pain of my patients”, says Niveen Rouhana, a trained senior nurse by profession, who approached Jasmine after deciding to establish her own business which will change her patients’ lives. Her decision to approach Jasmine eventually changed her life as well and today she owns a successful esthetics center.

The conversation that changed her life

Niveen, married to Wassim and mother of three boys, is an intern in difficult wounds and scars, has worked as a nurse for 16 years. “I saw and felt the pain of my patients and how the scars affect their quality of life”, she says about the profession that ultimately led her to the decision to open a new chapter in her life and help her patients. Along the path, she worked with pharmaceutical companies which advertise and sell medicine, but the main goal was always there: “I have always dreamed of opening a center that can give esthetical solutions to people with wounds and scars and contribute to their quality of life”, Niveen says, “and that’s how this whole thing started. Since I don’t have any experience in business management, I looked for help and approached Jasmine”.

Niveen’s request was handled by Jasmine CEO, Kiram Baloum, who contacted her personally: “I can never forget the moment when Kiram called me. She listened to me and to my vision, believed in me right from the start. Then she met with me at her office, helped me draft plans, guided me to the right path and I was lucky enough to make my dream come true, due to her support and personal guidance”. Today, Niveen manages “iFace Center” for medical esthetics. Although she resides in Isifya, Niveen decided to open her business elsewhere to attract her main audience, Arab women, and courageously established it in Tira, in the center.

Today, Niveen’s business has 5 professional employees

The center offers all esthetics facial and body treatments. “the center is based on giving the most professional treatments by the best caregivers and empowering the souls of each costumer. I believe that the body and the soul are inseparable and must be nourished both”, says Niveen: ” our message is to feel beautiful from the inside as well as from the outside, thus offering all esthetics treatments for the body, starting facials and deep cleansing of facial tissues, sculpturing, narrowing body scopes, treatment massage, weigh- loss, medical and professional guidance along the way, tanning showers and many mote. In addition, we have a ‘Magic Room’, where we offer activities and workshops of knowledge for every woman who comes to iFace”

The name represents Niveen’s motto in life: “I can face everything”, just like the personal process she had in Jasmine, during which she became a successful business woman who has a staff of 5 professional members, doctors and nurses with a background in esthetics.