Aziya Haj

“Belief in our abilities has a great influence on our future”
Aziya was born in 1958 and married at the age of 16.5 She soon found herself raising four sons – two of them were born blind.
With the birth of her first child, who was born blind, she decided that she could change the future for him if only she will use all her strength to help him integrate as a child like all the children and receive the rights he deserved. She said that “at the beginning, nothing of what I dreamed of was realized” “I dreamed of getting an education and it did not happen. But everything changed for me at the moment that my blind child was born. I knew that he needed a special attention. I wanted that my children will  get an education and would be admitted to the university. I thought to myself how to get out of this difficult situation? How to move on? without education or certification.” Throughout her way she did everything that she could to encourage her children so that they could acquire education and have degrees – so it happened! Her children’s education was always a priority, although she had to struggle on a daily basis for her their rights, so that they can acquire an education just like the rest of the children.   In retrospect, her stubbornness paid off! Today, Aziya proudly declares ” I fulfilled everything I dreamed of” She relied only on herself. She did not seek external support, she understood that she needed to advance to know herself for her strengths and weaknesses.  At the age of 21 she decided to open a sewing business. She used  the “giving for close circles” strategy, when they were exposed to her abilities and talent, the orders began to arrive. In a short time, she received many orders from the entire village. Over the years, Aziya recognized the tremendous power of learning, she  was eager to learn and to promote herself.  She set up  goals for the advancement and growth of the business. “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill my dreams” Aziya spent many learning hours and became a consumer of knowledge. She studied coaching at the Ramat Efal College, where she saw a social -business development vision- Later, this vision was realized. These days, Aziya established the “Ofek College – Aziya Center” A place dedicated exclusively to the development of women, professional development of Kfar Kassem. This center was created out of the vision “enabling each and every one to realize their dreams and be a place where they can develop and to advance”. Aziya understood that in order to manage the College, she needs a professional consulting. At this point, Jasmine’s team and Aziya crossed paths. “Jasmine”, together with the close accompaniment of Jasmin’s CEO Kiram Balum, qualified Aziya through customized training of “Business Management”. Aziya  created significant connections that prepared her for her the biggest moment!  The real leap forward was made during a course that was developed by “Jasmine” and “Bezeq Communications” Company,  “I took a course learned to advertise my business through the social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and etc. – suddenly you can talk to the whole world – the audience is already there – you just have to know where to go.” “I took more marketing courses, fulfilled my dream and established a evey woman who wants to move forward in life must know about the digital world and market herself properly – Jasmine and Bezeq created an opportunity that must be seized.” In addition, Aziya shared that her first son had already completed a master’s degree in public administration, management of non-profit organizations and organizational counseling, and last week the second son received a first academic degree. The news about Aziya’s College opening on 29.3.2018, roused great attention. Many guests  from all over Israel, came to see the magic with their own eyes.