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Ravid Hachmon, 41, is married to Maoz, and mother of Eden and Dvir. An entrepreneur and has been engaged in production and events management for 9 years. It’s an extremely dynamic and diverse field, which allows Ravid to visit extraordinary places and meet especially interesting people. Ravid likes to work with people, walking the process together and creating something together. “I usually meet them at the very important, exciting and empowering moments, and it’s a great privilege to take part in this thing.” Ravid says that she grew up in a family with a female majority, “a mother who taught her three daughters to pursue whatever they choose to do, and that is what I absorbed and experienced. Today my daughter (12) who watches her mother producing, inventing and managing it all, she absorbs these values, she has the qualities of a young leader, she knows she can define her own goals, she aims high and for me it’s worth a fortune.

Ravid Hacmon Productions’ company specializes in producing conferences and business events, tailored events per customer. The idea is to create an “event for you” and together with you, an event that reflects the values ​​and the spirit of the organization. “Our advantage is our ability to produce an event with suitable content and added value, in a different atmosphere, while taking care of all stages of the event, with the best content people, to create a uniquely rich experience.” Ravid Hacmon Productions produces a variety of corporate events, corporate leisure events, business conferences, family events, events for non-profit organizations and more. We believe that truly memorable events are based on:

Service – interpersonal communication is of paramount importance.

Being able to hear the customer, making the adjustments according to each customer requirements, are an essential part of the success of the entire event.

High Quality and professionalism – a skilled and experienced team accompanies the entire production from the stage of choosing the concept and contents, through the execution, including presence in the field, all the way till the end of the event, while paying attention to details, with high standard performance and without any compromising.

Creativity – The abundance of ideas, originality and imagination allow us to provide an exact tailor-made concept, so that each event becomes a unique experience. Production and execution is our specialty! We will be happy to excite and surprise you too.

Ravid says that following her participation in Jasmine’s IZUN program, business meetings and networking forum, many doors opened to her, allowing even more fruitful work in a supportive environment, with an emphasis on practical tools and knowledge. Her encounter with high quality and talented business owners contributed a lot of color and volume into her business. “There is a fair selection of women with whom I can establish a potential cooperation, out of personal acquaintance, mutual interest, with a goal for business growth.”

Following the activities at Jasmine: Ravid established a new niche of expertise – working with nonprofits. “The exposure to the organization work, together with my strong connection to these values ​​and social businesses, created a new language and a very clear path for me.”

“I am proud to say that in the last two years I produced the annual conference for Jasmine, held in Acre in 2015 and the conference that was held at the end of 2016 at Cinema City.” Today, Ravid produces a variety of conferences and events tailored for nonprofits, which are important in allowing them to make their agenda sound, to tell about their vision and goals.

“I believe that memorable events are based on a unique and meaningful experience, high level of service and personalization, and I will always look for such additional value, to convey a message that will continue to echo with the audience long after the event is over.”

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