Einat Mizrachi

Einat Mizrachi is the director of the “Haatzama” (Empowerment) center, has MA in social work, entrepreneur, who creates and distributes love in the world. She is involved in psychotherapy, personal coaching and is an expert in personal empowerment of women, in marital and professional fields. She is married to a supportive partner and has four lovely children. Eleven years ago, she was occupying various positions, as an employee in the public service, involved in therapeutic and organizational work. Then at the age of 28, she was appointed manager of the “Eran” branch in Tel Aviv, where she worked for six years, a complex job that included developing training and training processes, developing community relations and sensitive work with people in emotional and physical distress. It was indeed a great challenge but also a tremendous satisfaction and an important mission.

Einat says: “I gave birth to my youngest daughter, and an inner voice inside me did not let me go back to the work I did …I decided to listen to it, to open myself to the opportunities to come. Then there were different signs, through meetings with people, reading and networking, I realized that my goal is to help people in creating a simple way to improve their quality of life and live out of inner freedom and joy. Within a short time, I underwent a personal and professional transformation”.

Einat established the Haatzama Center, enabling people to connect and act out of their inner strength and inner self, which leads to success, as well as personal and professional fulfillment.

Einat developed in several arenas: she opened a clinic for treatment, counseling and coaching for personal and professional development processes; established a training center for coaches and runs courses both in Israel and abroad, conducted various trainings for business and social organizations and conducts seminars for professionals in the fields of education, counselling and treatment.

Einat has developed 2 sets of cards, suitable for therapists, coaches and mentors:

An “Insights and Gifts” kit that contains very focused and powerful questions and insights for decision making and personal and business focusing.

The “Gifts of Life” kit contains inspirational gifts and opens the path towards change. This kit will soon be available in English.

In recent years, Einat has focused primarily on women empowerment, strengthening their personal and professional skills:

  • An clinic for the treatment, counseling and coaching, both personal – marital and professional – business fields.
  • On-line coaching for Hebrew and English speaking women living abroad.
  • Personal guidance and training for women executives and senior executives in business and social organizations – management skills and personal skills development
  • Developing workshops and training sessions for women in cross-cultural communities in Israel and abroad

“My special relationship with Jasmine began two years ago. I came to the annual conference and sympathized with the vision, the intensity and the amazing activity of Kiram Baloum. I was then invited by Naama Idan, an ultra-Orthodox woman, to assist and participate in the first advanced business entrepreneurship course in the ultra-Orthodox sector.”

And finally, here are a few gifts from Einat …

  • Self-love and self-esteem are your keys to a life of meaning and success. Put yourself the right place and make your presence count!
  • Listen to your inner voice. It’s the voice that has no doubt.
  • Give yourself and your business time to grow. Just as the tree has the right time to flourish, your business has it’s right pace.
  • Where there is fear, there is a place for growth. It is easy to distinguish between a fear of danger and “butterflies of excitement”.
  • Strengthen the resources that contribute to your growth: network with knowledgeable people, connect with inspiring sources and attend business meetings. Invest in yourself and your development!
  • Allow yourself to make a change. Pay attention to the opportunities that come your way and enter the door that opens … Every experience leads to development.

I wish you all a successful new beginning and a growing and profitable business.

You are welcome to visit: WWW.HAATZAMA.COM