The number of ad clicks had tripled and sales expanded globally

“The Zinuk program had turned my old fashioned business into an innovative and advanced model”; Ma’ayan Kedem successfully made the transition from a professional to a successful business manager and even crossed global boundaries, by accurately implementing digital technologies

Meet Ma’ayan Kedem (30), owner of a graphic design and illustration studio. Before joining Jasmine’s “Zinuk” program, she worked and operated as a professional but never as a business owner. Kedem had decided to learn how to run a business; she got accepted into the most prestigious, exclusive program in Israel, established by Jasmine association – “Zinuk”, for results-producing management.
At one point I realized that I want to manage my business better but at the same tome – I don’t really have managerial tools to do that successfully. It is only today, a whole year after graduating from the program, I begin to get how much that was missing”

The results after a tailored, finely tuned process accompanied by Jasmine: Exposure & New Customers Abroad

“I built a shop that is constantly expanding. The business had “reset” itself and underwent a significant change in its targeting focus and is now at a very stable point”.

She was approached by a large American Internal Decor Instagram Page, requesting to advertise her products on its page, and by an entrepreneur who was looking for an illustrator to fill the position of the in-house designer at another product shop on the Etsy website.

The gap between the forecasted and actual revenue & expenditure had been reduced, digital promotion and organic marketing capabilities had significantly improved and so had the visibility and exposure of the business, as the number of clicks on her ads had tripled, and as mentioned above, queries from other countries began rolling in. “The transformation I went through is greater and much more profound, though, my planning and implementation processes had become more accurate, I completely changed the way I work”.

Kedem had already set herself new goals, one of which is to continue spreading the message of the Easy Décor for Everyone.
When asked what tools she thought Zinuk had provided her for further down the road, she says: “The ability to adapt to the market in which my business operates, but also the understanding of how to continue doing so when it changes again in the future. The tools to keep track of trends and learn, to think in terms of a realistic business growth goal – how to achieve it, and then how do I measure it.
To business owners who are now at the same place she was at a year ago, before the “Zinuk” program, she says: “Find out what it is that nurtures you, don’t be shy to reach out for help, surround yourself with people who are experts in their field and can help promote you.