From a deficit to the “Zinuk” program and all the way to a 20% increase in revenue – the amazing tale of Sachar Huri

Sahchar Huri, a graduate of Jasmine’s Zinuk program, one of the first Arab women to ever graduate complementary medicine studies, opened her own business but soon ran into difficulties. Today she says “Thanks to the Zinuk program I went from a 35% deficit to a 20% revenue surplus after giving myself a 300% raise”

Kiram Baloum, CEO and founder of the Jasmine Association, explains the success of the model lead and implemented in Israel by Jasmine: “we recognize the needs of independent businesswomen and know how to develop uniquely tailored solutions for them so that they can rise and accomplish business achievements and financial independence. ‘Zinuk’ was born out of a great need for practical knowledge in running the business. It is not enough to be a good professional you must also be a professional in running your business. The program trains women to run a successful and profitable business, with emphasis on performing practical tasks and reaching measurable goals.”
Baloum further notes that underlying the program is Jasmine’s vision to prepare the pathway for female economic leadership in Israel. The results speak for themselves. As of now, thousands of women have had the opportunity to join the association’s program. Some of them have already integrated into senior positions in the industry, some lead successful businesses, and most are committed to helping more women integrate into the business world and the local economy: “Jasmine pushes women forward, pulling them up towards business success and all the way to their integration in the decision-making hubs, thereby strengthening and balancing both the economy and the society in Israel,” says Baloum.
Huri asserts that the Zinuk program has completely transformed her business: “The Zinuk program changed my way of thinking; I started thinking like a business owner and not just like a professional. I started working with real-world data, I learned how to manage my cash flow, set control and monitoring mechanisms, set and adhere to procedures, plan my targets, design work plans, and I even learned how to price my products and services. After learning how to calculate a price so, it is profitable for my business but reasonable for the buyer, I changed my pricing process. Today, after the Zinuk program, I see a future of profitability and stable management for my business. I run a financially based business and as a result of the mentoring provided by the Jasmine association, I achieved a major improvement results and ever-expanding profits in my business.”

Huri also notes that as part of the Zinuk program, she developed a new organizational structure, a team of professionals and outsourced services, relevantly differentiated existing and new target audiences, which she obtained as a result of the Zinuk program: “I doubled my profitable services and eliminated non-profitable services”, she explains.
As part of the Zinuk program, Huri’s business customers’ pool has grown by about 20%, it has achieved a 20% increase in its financial turnover, and Huri is already preparing to embark on fulfilling the plan she is crafting for 2020: “I am grateful for the Zinuk program, this is a program designed to save many businesses and women business owners who run their businesses without management skills or practices and no managerial knowledge.
Zinuk accompanied me every step of the way and really helped me to read the map and conduct myself accordingly, to look ahead and sometimes even make tough decisions in order to move forward. Every woman who wants to run a stable, efficient and well-run, profitable business must join the Zinuk program, because what they teach us there is not taught anywhere else,” concludes Huri.