Rotem Eliyahu

In the present – a Doctoral student, in the future aspires to be – a Influential Director.
Rotem Eliahu, was born in 1985, married to Kfir and mother of three wonderful children – Shai, Neta and Noga. She holds a BA in Literature and Special Education and has already received a prize for encouraging outstanding doctoral students in the name of the poet David Yekutieli. She is an outstanding Doctoral student of the Department of Jewish Literature. The Doctoral dissertation is in its final stages and it about to be submitted. A monograph research on the Druze poet Prof. Naim Aridi.
Because of her Doctoral Thesis and her connections in the Druze sector, she began promoting various projects within the Druze community. She volunteered and helped women in the sector find solutions for employment and education.
For example:
As part of the “Israeli Hope in the Academy” program at Bar-Ilan University, a special program was proposed for the study of physics for Druze girls. This program was built because of Rotem’s initiative to approach the program managers and the President’s office.
Rotem says that: “The university and the program managers were attentive but presented me with a challenge – to study the needs of the sector and define them in a precise manner and accordingly consider whether there is a need to create additional special adjustment for the Druze community”. Rotem is happy to share that within a short time she met with many people in key positions, she defined the needs and suggested several programs that could advance the Druze community.
” The journey that began in 2017 brought me to meet among members of the community, many requests of individuals with requests for assistance and guidance, and even suggestions from large organizations to collaborate. There is nothing more fulfilling than hearing a young man who started to study because of my guidance or to know that a talented and educated girl who I accompanied, significantly increased her income and about to open an even bigger business.”
The qualities that lead Rotem on her way:
“Systemic vision, building long-term plans, providing creative solutions, creating collaborations and connecting people, these are things that have always been natural to me.” Rotem works decisively to expand her circle of influence and to continue promoting social and educational initiatives.
“I truly believe with all my heart that in a well-functioning society, promoting social-educational values and different populations does not necessarily come at the expense of economic interests, on the contrary! Creative thinking within the system and the creation of accurate and correct collaborations can make all the difference and bring profit (economic and social) to all parties involved! In the past year, I realized that dreaming big and striving for true social change is a matter of decision. And that dealing with research and teaching does not contradict my path, but the other way around.”
Rotem ‘s connection to Jasmine-
“I have been following the Jasmine for several years, and my referral to the Jasmine was natural to me as soon as I decided it was my way, and I believe that in a society where representatives in key positions were chosen in an egalitarian-gender-cultural manner, a real change can be made, since only so can the attention to society’s needs be balanced and can be promoted in the best possible way.” Rotem Eliahu has recently chosen to join the unique program “Izun”– Jewish and Arab Influential Directors. “I am proud to be part of the “Izun” program. The way to the position of director is still long, but the goal is definitely there.”