Hanan Kabha Abu Mouk

Hanan Kabha Abu Mouk, Founder and CEO of the Abu Jameel Farm, BA in communications and business administration, was born in the village of Barta’a, in a large family, her parents had higher education, the father is a manager and her mother has a BA in English literature. One of the values she grew up on was the value of hard work. “My mother was doing art and recycling workshops, she taught me various artistic tools and inspired me to further develop models for social businesses. Over the years, it was clear to me that I would express myself best through a social business, especially providing added value to Arab women. I married Ataf Abu-Mouk from Baka al-Garbiyeh, and as an Arab woman, the most important for me was to start a family. Once my children grew up,  I had more time for myself. I was very lucky, as I entered the olive grove belonging to my husband, I realized that here I can fulfill my dream. After a year and a half of hard work, the dream became a reality. ” In 2008, Hanan took upon herself to establish and manage an ecological educational farm focused on teaching the values ​​of sustainability, about the environment and the Mediterranean and Arab heritage. The farm is located in Baka al-Garbiyeh, and offers a variety of workshops and activities for all populations.

Hanan also founded an organization called “Women Initiate”, where she employs about 20 women and supports their independence. In the spring of 2016 she produced a “Women of the Earth” Festival. Over 800 Jewish and Arab women participated in the Festival, celebrating International Women’s Day together. “The festival has given me an incentive that I am in the right direction, and in the past year the farm has become a women’s center and we are proud to host women (as well as organizations, schools and families) offering a variety of activities on the farm”. She is constantly looking for innovations, participates in various enrichment courses, such as: art at Shenkar, women’s entrepreneurship, tourism, conflict resolution, environment, sustainability and more. The farm offers a wide range of activities such as: workshops and fun days for companies and private sector, study days, baking and traditional Arab cooking workshops, a variety of body and soul treatments, rich breakfasts and lunches. At the farm, you can  feel the special charm, find inspiration for entrepreneurship and action, for breaking the conventions and succeed against all odds.

“I am the director of the farm, focused on women’s employment and advancement and increasing environmental awareness among children in society, working towards the development of the farm as a place where everyone can feel like home, learn about different cultures. I also give inspirational lectures on the process of establishing and managing the farm and tell about my personal process as an Arab woman who runs an extraordinary social business in the Arab sector and in Israel in general”.

At the beginning, Jasmine helped me with the advertising and marketing my business. In addition, I participated in the internet marketing course of Jasmine, which helped me understand the tools available today.

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