Najah Hir

There was quite a lot of water flowing under the bridge since we first told the inspiring story of Najah Hir, who established a gluten-free bakery named after her daughter Yarra, who has celiac disease.

Najah’s story was one of the stories that led Jasmine to receive the Quality of Life award of the Speaker of the Knesset in 2016, and great admiration by the Knesset Member Meirav Ben-Ari, who spoke at the ceremony. “Najah is an example of one of thousands of women that Yasmin helps them become independent and establish their own successful business, in spite of the fact that we live in a highly competitive world, with so many challenges”.

These days Yarra’s home bakery from the town of Peki’in is about to expand, to incorporate a production line that will enable Yarra to distribute her pastries throughout the country. “We had many difficulties and challenges along the way,” says Najah. “From obtaining the certificates, to raising sufficient amount of money so that we can move forward, but we made the decision to expedite growth and transform the business from a home-run bakery to a factory, with a bigger production line, and this is our great success. My dream is that our pastries will reach all the people suffering from celiac disease and these people will be able to enjoy the variety and quality we have in our bakery. ”

About Jasmine’s contribution to their business expansion and growth, Najah says: “Jasmine always had my back, supported me all the way, helping us with all their heart, whether these were the mentors who volunteered, or the many meetings we had, while Jasmine always had the time for us. Najah benefited from the mentoring by Hashim Gravey, a former senior executive at Bank Hapoalim, and now owns a successful company, whom accompanied her in a very professional and dedicated way.

Najah also has a piece of advice for other business owners, based on her experience, suggesting them “do not despair as it takes a significant amount of effort and a lot of time to set up a business, have patience, have high self-confidence, make the extra effort and don’t be afraid of starting your own business.”

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