Shuruk Atamna

Shuruk Atamna, 39, married with two daughters, lives in Baka al-Gharbia. She holds a BA in Medical Laboratory Sciences and a MA in Microbiology from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
These days Shuruk is promoting and positioning MSD prescription drugs for the target audience in the Arab population.
Her career in this field developed a decade ago, which began while she was working for the British pharmaceutical company Gsk.
Prior to that, she was involved in the development of epidemiologic studies.

Shuruk Believe that:
“Even the sky is not the limit”
This belief strengthened her and led to the shattering of beliefs, stereotypes about and against the Arab woman.
“I always saw myself as ambassador, entrepreneurial, ambitious, proactive and caring for all my surroundings. In any position, I made sure to be the best female representation possible, I did everything with all my heart, because in this way I managed to touch the hearts of people”

What drives Shuruk every day is the opportunity to make some difference in favor of the other. The line that guides Shuruk these days is to acquire tools, develop skills, talents and opportunities in order to advance the main agenda “to be in a key position in which I will influence and advance the status of women.”

One of the ways she chose to realize the agenda was by choosing to join the ground-breaking program “Izun” – a program that trains successful business owners or women with academic backgrounds to become directors in large companies in the private and public sectors in Israel.
This program is offered by Jasmine for the promotion of businesses owned by Jewish and Arab women.

Shuruk does not stop and continues to embroider her future plans, including:
– Establishment of projects to promote public health.
– Narrowing cultural gaps.
– Development of projects to promote the status of women in Israel.

She is determined to create an international corporate and heterogeneous feminine model for women who have made some difference. With the goal of forming women’s forces and brainstorming business.

Shuruk’s message to women:
“My dear ones, if you read between the lines, and felt my faith in the feminine power, then be sure that you can do it too! Start with the first step in paving your way and make your path consistently while believing and promoting your dreams. Remember that after every decline there is an increase”.