Tamar Rahamim

Tamar Rahamim believes in the connection between honesty and wisdom, high abilities, education, and many years of experience in the municipal system. She holds a B.A in Political Science & Human Resources and a master’s degree in Law from Bar-Ilan University. She also holds a diploma in architecture and interior design. She is married to Benjamin and has five wonderful children and five grandchildren.
Tamar has always been a social activist, a caring, curious and influential woman. She arrived at the business world and at the age of 18.5 immediately after the National Service. She established and managed an independent business in the agricultural field, with 17 years of success. The company specialized in the sale of pesticides and inputs to agriculture, including the preparation of irrigation systems.In the field, which is supposedly perceived as “the inheritance of men,” Tamar was successful in her ability to integrate to the field, creating trust relations with the farmers, who relied on her creative ways of finding solutions to the complex issues that they faced.
Over the years, Tamar developed her leading abilities and chose to be in influential places such as Shafir Regional Council. She was the representative of the largest settlement in the Council and the first woman elected to the Shafir Regional Council.
Over the years, Tamar has continued to advance and held several positions including: Human Resources Manager, Council Spokeswoman, Committee Director, Project and Events Manager and more. In recent years, Tamar has begun to feel that her ability to influence is diminishing. Her strong desire to be involved in meaningful activities led to a significant decision! On February 10, 2018, she resigned from her position on the Council and declared her intention to run for the chairmanship of the Council.
From her life experience, Tamar promotes the woman’s voice at every opportunity: “Nothing can resist a determined woman, the woman marks the target and then shoots the arrow, from there everything depends on the will. I invite women to make their voices heard and choose the ways in which they can influence.”
Tamar’s Connection to Jasmine-
“I’ve been following Jasmine’s rich activity for a long time, I was piously following the “Izun program for directors”, I have always delved on what value can I give as a director?
The contents of the course intrigued me and today more than ever I was anxious to join, because I understand that this is the way to break out. To be in a place that influences the critical decision-making process and thus leverage activities for the benefit of the society.
Jasmine’s “Izun” Program have emphasized the importance of creating a diverse mix of women from all sectors and fields.
From meeting to meeting, we discover a wonderful and extraordinary human quality that can raise important issues and influence the Israeli economy. I am happy about the connection I made with the participants of the “Izun” program, which already making extraordinary cooperation.
Thank you Kiram, the CEO of Jasmine. Thanks to her all this happens!”