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Visit of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation to Jasmine Nazareth Illit

A delegation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation visited Jasmine’s activities, which took place in Nazareth Illit. There were over 15 delegators who hold senior positions at the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, led by Federation representative in Israel, Ms. Rena Gan and the host Ms. Kiram Baloum, the founder of Jasmine Organization.The visit was held at the Plaza Hotel, in Nazareth Illit, where the delegation met with eight women entrepreneurs and business owners, some of them are new immigrants from Nazareth Allit. These women participated in Jasmine’s “Business Entrepreneurship Program – Gender and Sector”, funded and supported by the Federation, in collaboration with the Nazareth municipality. The Federation strongly believes in Jasmine’s vision and provides continues support for Jasmine’s activities, for over 4 years, taking pride in Jasmine’s achievements in promoting businesses owned by women and promoting the relations between Arab and Jewish women. As part of the program, the participants received practical tools for developing their business plan and establishing their businesses. Out of 24 program participants, 15 participants have successfully established their own business and continue to prosper in various fields.



The meeting with the Greater Miami Jewish Federation delegation opened with welcome from Kiram Baloum, CEO and Founder of Jasmine Organization and Ms. Tali Grodsky, Director of Lavon  Center, of Nazareth Illit Municipality, the program partner.

The event continued with a fashion show of children’s clothing, made from recycled paper. This venture was established by Katia Slovidchek, new immigrant, that doesn’t speak Hebrew yet. The women were very excited and impressed by the product quality, finishing lines, it’s colors and the idea of establishing a business, while protecting the environment. Together with Jasmin Katya turned her idea into reality and into business.

Eden Shmookler – a hardworking woman and an entrepreneur at heart, presented her events production business and her vision, where in collaboration with her partner she produces events for any home or any organization. Eden’s energies were inspiring, as she is still an employee at another job and a mother of two. The participants and the delegators were very much excited and swept by Eden’s ambition and enthusiasm, as well as the clip about her business.

Anna Kushnir – worked as an engineer at a factory for nearly 40 years and as she is about to retire, she is preparing for her future. Her idea for establishing a business was born out of a personal tragedy, when her granddaughter and her mother died from cancer. After such tragedy, Anna began to study reflexology. She then studied business management and marketing during the program.


Natalie Malin – a young woman in her 20s, who refused to go to college, followed her heart and opened a hip-hop studio, after what she witnessed during a visit abroad. The highly energetic Natalie is looking to further develop street dancing studies in Israel, a dance which combines sports, a hobby and is truly symbol of joy. The dance performed by Natalie at the meeting was very mood enhancing.

Lila Hamovitch – Lila’s business, a salon for manicure and medical pedicure existed for w while but was slow and was about to close down. Following her participation in the program, the business underwent an upgrade both finance wise and marketing wise. Today Lila has another staff member and since her business is located at the Plaza Hotel, the Federation women toured the salon and further cooperation was established.

The women presented their businesses, the overall planning and feasibility, while using further marketing techniques, as well as giving away business cards and gifts as a form of marketing their businesses.

The women of the Federation were very glad and excited to meet with women entrepreneurs and the fresh business owners, they exchanged business cards and suggested that Jasmine, in collaboration with other organizations to establish a portal, which will present the business profiles of women entrepreneurs, selling both in Israel and abroad.

From here, there and everywhere Jasmine will continue to promote this important issue and further bring additional businesses together, to share life and the economy.