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Under the weight of the crisis: A Survey to identify what women business owners from all walks of life need to successfully overcome a first of its kind crisis

Approximately 162,300 women business owners are currently facing the challenge of emerging from the Corona crisis and are desperate for up-to-date tools to help their business rise from the ashes and avoid an economic downfall. Jasmine launches a first-of-its-kind survey, in collaboration with leading Israeli companies and organizations, to identify and map these needs and develop THE programs that will ensure the economic and social independence of women in our society.

The Corona crisis has shaken the business world both in Israel and all over the world, forcing many business owners to reconsider their future course. 162,300 of those are Israeli independent women-business-owners of all sectors and religions who are currently facing the challenge of emerging from the ruins in search of up-to-date business tools to help the business grow and to prevent economic ruin – where the economy and society as a whole will fall into the abyss.

During these dire times, Jasmine undertook to mentor and advance women business owners in managing the crisis and had set out to conduct a first-of-its-kind survey focusing on gathering information and data about the true status of women-owned businesses during the crisis, and developing support programs for their rehabilitation. At the same time, the survey will contribute to the business operations of all business partners and organizations.

The purpose of the survey is to identify current and future wants and needs, build dedicated plans and business management models relevant to current and future markets, harness and engage relevant government ministries, and involve companies from the business sector to mentor and train women-owned businesses.

Women business owners constitute a formidable economic force in the economy in general and for business entities in particular. Hence, the information will be used by all partners to develop up-to-date products and solutions that are relevant to and in service of this era and thereafter,” notes Kiram Baloum, CEO and founder of Jasmine. “One must always keep in mind that women make up more than half of the world’s population and are vital to the economy and its development, but their needs differ from those of business owners who happen to be men. Unfortunately, the national surveys do not make this distinction and therefore are unable and under-equipped to identify their sector-specific difficulties and provide dedicated solutions to their needs. Our expertise – and subsequently, the purpose of the survey, is to focus on the needs of women-business-owners, and based on the data gathered – formulate plans to advance them. If we fail to come through for these women, not only will the economy not grow but we will find ourselves in the midst of an economic and social downfall.”

Baloum further states: “Research has proven that women constitute a purchasing power both within the family and in businesses, their opinion is important and influences the purchasing power of the entire economy. It stands to reason that reinforcing and empowering women in the country’s economy will result in a stronger more stable society. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to support activities held by Jasmine, both local and global, which specialize in advancing women from all sectors of the country who own independent businesses.”