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The Delegation from the Miami Federation was Impressed with the Results of their Collaboration with NGO Jasmine

The Jewish Federation of Greater Miami is a main partner of Jasmine. It’s delegation, which arrived in Israel for a working meeting, was impressed with the achievements of the Jasmine model of co-opting influential business leaders who help increase female power in key financial positions. The program has succeeded in positioning and strengthening women’s financial leadership in Israel.


Since 2014, The Amutot Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater Miami has been supporting the Jasmine organization. The committee members see Jasmine a unique leader in its consistent and continuous work to build a financial women’s leadership in Israel. It is worth while pointing out that between the years 2015-2016, the Federation supported the “Kulanu” Project, a project tailored to support women opening independent businesses. Since 2017, the Federation is supporting Jasmine programs and activities which have become successful models to integrate women into the top of the crucial, financial decision-making pyramid in Israel, the ‘IZUN’ (Balance) program being the spearhead.

Jasmine recruits the business sector which draws women up and forward
The committee members were deeply impressed at last April’s meeting and mentioned that the Federation sees Jasmine’s work as immensely important. It is a one-of-a-kind organization that nurtures the advancement of women from the very first step of integrating women into key positions in the financial and social arena in Israel. Moreover, the women of the delegation were impressed by Jasmine’s ability to recruit members of the leading business sector, including highly influential women, to inspire the women who are in their first stages of independence.

“To us, Jasmine is the home in which we blossomed”
This is the fifth year that the Miami Delegation is visiting with Jasmine Organization, this year at Jasmine’s offices in Givat Haviva, where the women of the delegation and Jasmine’s Izun graduates, seasoned business women,  and Izun mentors- Ilanit Tirosh, Nurit Zinger, Tal Ronen, Smadar Sabo, Shirit Dolev, and Fadia Metans-Haddad, who said: “To us, Jasmine is the home in which we blossomed”.
The head of the delegation, Barbara Shrut, remarked that Jasmine is doing a great job for women and the country of Israel. Ofer Lichtig, opened his first Jasmine meeting as the Federation’s representative in Israel, after years of close professional contact with the former representative, Rina Gann, who was also present at the meeting.

Memebers of the Delegation were Tracy Spiegelmann, Chairwoman of GMJF Amutot Initiative, Sara Adler, former Florida director of the New Isreal Fund, Ilene Kossman, active member of the Amutot Committee of the Miami Federation, Holly Levy who served on the National Young Leadership Cabinet and the National Women’s Philanthropy Board, Deborah (Debbie) Ann Myers who led Hilton Hotels regional sales department for professional sports and entertainment, Adrienne Pardo, engaged in Miami’s Jewish Congregation now 25 years, and more representatives…. The women of the delegation asked questions and showed marked interest in the details of Jasmine’s activities focusing on promoting women leadership in finances and business.

Kiram Baloum, the founder and general manager of Jasmine, thanked Rina for the many years of support and presented Jasmine’s vision and activities. From her words, her full belief in promoting strong independent women and securing them in key positions, was clear.  Baloum said: “There is great importance in wo-manning senior positions in the private and public sector in order to open the doors for other women to enter through. It is important to point out that our daily work in the field is to strengthen and advance independent Arab and Jewish women, from all sectors and social strata, and to create partnerships- from the belief that stability, prosperity and co-existence, grow from doing, from promoting and including women in the top of the financial and business pyramid in Israel”.

Fadia Metans Haddad, a director in a governmental company, the manager of the northern branch of Michlol- Human Capital Planning and Control, and a mentor in Izun program said: “Jasmine Organization and Kiram give every woman who wants to advance herself equal opportunities”.

Nurit Zigler, lecturer and Izun graduate mentioned that: “Jasmine and Kiram have a goal to bring strong influential women to the forefront and the decision-making table. This goal is reached through much genuine commitment and caring, and through various avenues. Kiram’s passion is contagious and allows you to understand that where there is a will there is a way- you can do anything”.

Ilanit Tirosh, the owner of an international real estate company, and Izun graduate added: “There are many director training programs, and Izun is one that actually works. The program really trains, supports and creates this reality“.

Smadar Sabo, an organizational consultant and Izun graduate adds: “Izun trains independent women and puts them into director positions, not as ‘women’ or representatives of some population, but as directors that know the job well”.

Tal Ronen, owner of a water treatment company and Izun graduate tells: “I opened a business as a biochemist who knows her field. I have confidence. Now, after and thanks to Izun, I have the quality professional know-how of running a business and functioning as a director “.

Shirit Dolev, a marketing and branding company owner, enterprenuer, and Izun graduate said: “Izun came along in an important stage in my life. I was in in major transition and joining Izun put me right on track. Today I run an independent business that has meaningful social and family-oriented content”.

During the meeting, the importance of the continued collaboration and mutual support between the women having gone through Jasmine’s training was emphasized. Among other things, it was stressed that many of the programs’ graduates give back to the organization and to women who are starting off. Fadia Metans Haddad for instance, mentors women from Izun who want to serve as directors. Smadar Sebo consults Jasmine strategically. Shirit Dolev supports Jasmine on the professional forums for marketing planning. From the meeting and success stories it is apparent that Jasmine’s work immeasurably touches and directly effects the lives of thousands of Jewish and Arab women.
Baloum summarized that: “The Jewish Federation of Miami is a main partner of Jasmine and I thank the delegation for a successful visit. In the framework of partnership, we will continue to build and strengthen female financial leadership in Israel. We create economic and social change with the help of people in leading business sectors and influential women, who mentor and push forward the hundreds of women participating and growing in the Jasmine Organization. This model creates influential and strong leadership that grows larger each year.