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Diversity of suppliers

The WESOURCE project, led by Jasmine, in cooperation with Zionism 2000, and with the support of Bank Leumi, is a social project with the purpose to connect between divers, stable medium businesses and the supply chains of corporations and private companies

Over 15 owners of stable medium businesses from various fields, such as manufacturing and industry, and service providers from around the country gathered for round table and brainstorming session. These businesses, which have over 5 years of experience, over 7 employees and are constantly growing and expanding, participated in a brainstorming session  – a roundtable  of our WESOURCE program – diversity of suppliers Jasmine, with the facilitator was Nitzan Barazani, a strategic consultant. Theyshared the barriers and challenges they face when seeking to work with large corporations. Very interesting ideas came up at the meeting and contributed greatly both to the success of the meeting and to the enrichment of the program.

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This is the second part of the WESOURCE project. In the first part, we heard the challenges and the barriers that purchasing executives from various corporations are facing, thus resulting with the non-participation of diverse and medium-sized businesses as suppliers in their companies.

There is no doubt that this important initiative will contribute greatly to the economy, to these corporates, businesses and the whole country.

The Jasmine Foundation in cooperation with Zionism 2000 and with the support of Bank Leumi will continue to promote the diverse businesses  and suppliers in Israel.

Business owners, become part of this important project!

To participate, please send your business profile to: [email protected]

And we will get back to you.

Have a wonderful day!