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Leaders to the Core: The Women of Jasmine’s Management & Staff Went Out for an Inspiring Tour

Jasmine’s management and staff continue to lead economic and social change in Israel. In a joint education day in the ancient city of Nazareth, the absorbed the atmosphere of coexistence, and were exposed to inspiring stories y two local women who had built financial empires with their own two hands

The economic and social change in Israel must be brought about and created and, most importantly, we must believe that anything is possible. In this spirit, prescribed by Jasmine’s management, led by CEO and founder, Kiram Baloum, the management and employees’ team, composed of Arab and Jewish women, embarked on an inspiring formation day in ancient Nazareth.
Just before the fascinating experiences they went through, one cannot help but marvel at what happens behind the scenes of the organization, which, during its 11 years of operation, has promoted over 11,000 women to economic independence, and which continues to foster female leadership in Israel and create a joint life for Jews and Arabs based on shared business.
The women behind the success
In this spirit, Jasmine management and staff chose to tour ancient Nazareth alleys, to know the history of local businesswomen, to feel the atmosphere of living together and to absorb the flavors and smells of the local market, as can only be experienced in an ancient city, interspersed with different religions and populations sharing a life together. The tour was led by Nivin Ruhana, the city’s resident and a graduate of Jasmine’s Izun Program, who took the team to visit places where the past meets the present.

A moving encounter with two women who had built financial empires with their own two handsThe climax of the memorable tour was a meeting with two inspiring women who built their own empires with their own two hands.
Rim Younes, who together with her partner, Amad Younes, established a thriving business – the successful Alpha Omega company that owns, develops, manufactures and markets advanced neurosurgery medical equipment and lab equipment dedicated to brain research. The story of Rim Younes is the story of “Jasmine”, the female power must lead the Israeli economy and society and empower more women to achieve economic independence.
The story of the other woman the team met ended with a visit to the world-famous and popular tahini factory, “Tahina al-Erez.” This story begins with Julia Zohar, a brave woman who, after her husband’s death, transformed the business he founded into a successful and prosperous international enterprise, which is currently launching a new product in the US.
Zohar told how after her husband’s death she decided to leave her job as a teacher and start running the family business. She paid up debt that had accumulated, developed the product, increased the distribution and marketing system and turned it into the brand it is today.

Jasmine: A Global Model for a Joint Social & Financial Management
The Nazareth tour illustrates that Jasmine’s determination to build an avenue for female financial leadership in Israel begins with the organization’s leadership and staff, who constitute a role model and an example for leading women in Israel.
The human fabric of the “Jasmine” leadership is comprised of educated women, with academic degrees, and with multidisciplinary managerial experience, Jewish and Arab, from various sectors of the Israeli society.
The management companies and staff work closely together, hold executive meetings, brainstorm, and drive thousands of women towards financial success and integration into key positions in the economy.
Among other things, and thanks to a giving team comprised exclusively of volunteers who believe in the vision and the way, Jasmine has become a household name in the world, and a global model for female economic management that brings about collaborative coexistence.