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The Jasmine Association continues to support you in your endeavor to recover from the Corona Crisis

it will make financial advisors available for the Jasmine women to provide them with financial advisory and advice before applying for loans. Kiram Baloum, CEO of Jasmine: “I propose to take a good look at whether a loan is needed and what route to choose, before contacting a financing establishment”.


The Jasmine Association harnesses the best financial advisors to benefit women business owners and assist them in the process of finding the best business credit route while providing guidance and support in constructing loan applications and the consequential follow up on these applications. In addition, thanks to the cooperation between the association and the consultants, the small and medium-sized businesses from the broad spectrum of populations and business sectors in the economy will receive assistance and financial management advice tailored and intended for overcoming the Corona crisis. The new service offered by Jasmine will include an analysis of the business’ financial condition and a recommendation to contact financing resources as needed.

“In light of the Corona crisis and the near-fatal blow businesses in Israel suffered, the banks had “tightened their belts” due to the lack of financial viability in providing loans to Corona casualties businesses,” says Kiram Baloum, CEO and founder of Jasmine. Once we have identified the challenge and the void that was created, we went out of our way to help business owners and offer solutions for submitting dedicated business credit applications during this period. The goal of this new service is to find the best and most efficient way for business owners to find financing solutions and help them get through this period safely.”

At the same time, Baloum notes that the importance of the venture is also in assessing the viability of applying for loans: It is crucial to know that if you do not need credit, you should avoid taking out a loan, and the same is true for businesses that already have external financial liabilities.”

Avital atias, a senior business consultant in the areas of financial management and credit recruitment, who accompanies businesses to help them instill the financial basics and build a profit-maximizing work plan, adds that there is a large number of lending entities, but it is important to choose the best course for your business, in terms of credit price and duration.