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Thanks to ZINUK Program: Turnover Increased to 1,000,000 NIS


Exceptional achievements by graduates of the ZINUK program for developing women-owned businesses were presented at the business and professional convention FREE YOUR MIND held for Yasmin members and the program’s graduates. The meeting opened with the words of Kiram Baloum, CEO and founder of Yasmin: “Zinuk was established to address the barriers we identified and to provide the tools to overcome them. Thus, we have found that women are focused on professional performance rather than business development and therefore, the program focuses on management and adapting the business to the current reality. Every business owner should remember that we never know enough, we must always learn, face forward, and implement the tools we learn.”

Zinuk includes 24 sessions, during which women business owners learn how to propel their business, set goals and implement the material learned. At the meeting, Yasmin members and Zinuk graduates shared their financial and other achievements due to the implementation of management practices they learned at Zinuk:

Sharona Romano, founder of the ecoLove brand, a groundbreaking business entrepreneur, which has established a thriving international business.
Michal Aviv, a real-estate recruitment agency owner, showcased a 50% increase in business sales in the first half of 2019, compared to 2018, as well as a 100% increase over the second half of 2018.
Hagit Shahaf, owner of “Hagit’s Plants” shared her transformation from a professional to a business-owner, her turnover which increased from 400,000 a year before Zinuk to over 1,000,000 NIS thereafter.
Shosi Livne, owner of “Pashoot Le’Hitlabesh” presented a revenue increase during the first half of 2019 compared to last year.

The meeting included other speakers who addressed the importance of the program, emphasizing development and to serve the needs of the future in the changing world, the importance and uniqueness of women in the workforce, trends in the digital commerce world, the importance of customer experience in the on-site purchase process and more.

Ziki Raz, a representative of the First International Bank of Israel contributing to Zinuk, concluded the meeting with the words: “The Bank continues to see Yasmin as an organization that promotes a community important to the state’s economy and will continue to support and partner in building a strategic plan and activity to promote women in business in partnership with Yasmin.”

Boaz Yadin, owner of Secret Spa and a key partner of Yasmin and Zinuk: “only 20% of managers are women, which is a great loss.  Women are the market’s best workforce, they are brave, and this is their key to success. At the same time, strong women feel far more guilty than men for leaving home to work. Courage is not only obtaining financial independence but also to seek help, control the business and its improvements. This is Yasmin’s raison d’être, you need the courage to stop and learn. Take a risk, don’t be afraid.”
Smadar Zalalichin Sabo, business consultant graduate of Yasmin’s Izun program: “by 2030 we stand to lose 75,000 jobs worldwide and new professions are expected to develop, with the potential to employ about 120,000,000 people. This requires us to be creative, innovative, leaders, emotionally intelligent and critical thinkers. By participating in Zinuk you have opened the door for that new future”.
Anat Yaguri, business consultant and leader of Zinuk stated that all participants are business owners who sought to breakout and develop their business, and all said they lack the guidance and fine-tuning to do that. Zinuk furnishes them with the tools, knowledge and mentoring t meet the goal and targets they set for themselves.
Elah Alkalay, IBI Chairperson who also serves as Chair of the Women’s Lobby: “A properly managed business is one which data can be examined at any given situation” and the question to ask is “does my business address yesterday’s issues or today’s?”.