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Jasmine’s alumni came to express their support to the graduates of the 2019 Izun program

Yet another empowering encounter for the Jasmine women: alumni of the Izun program for Women Directors attended the graduation session of the 2019 class and shared stories of their road to success”

The Jasmine Association held yet another empowering graduation session for the graduates of the class of 2019, featuring alumni of the 2017 and 2018 successful programs, who had made their way into senior positions in the country’s economy and have now come to support and empower the program’s newest graduates.

The Izun program for training women directors includes both the theoretical and practical aspects of that role, emphasizing personal mentoring by a woman serving at a high – level position in the economy. “The Jasmine women’s power lies in their ability to empower one another” says Kiram Baloum, founder and CEO of Jasmine. “Beyond the obvious professional tools you’d expect to get in such a course, we have been establishing a strong, country-wide network of women quickly climbing the corporate ladder”.

Another distinguished participant in the event was Adv. Keren Michaeli, a graduate of the 2017 Izun program, who now serves as the Chairperson of Kibbutz Lehavot Haviva and as the legal consultant and a member of management at Poalim Sahar Ltd. She shared about her own evolution following the Izun program: “From Jasmine I learned to dare, not to give up, to continue growing, to never stop dreaming and fulfilling those dreams, to help other women influence and lead, to conduct myself in a professional manner and to put those unique feminine qualities to good use. I took it upon myself to lead other women in this path, which is practically the very essence of Jasmine’s vision and work.”

Liron Porat, a graduate of the 2018 Izun program, is now a financial advisor and a senior professor in the academy. She shared with the audience some tips about smart negotiating and contributed some of her extensive knowledge and experience to the program’s graduates.

To conclude the festive graduation session, two of the 2019 program presented and shared their experience, Prof. Lilach Hedvati and Ms. Orit Sternberg:

Sternberg acknowledged the vast contribution of the program to her personal development, both in the theoretical aspect and the practical – mental aspect of the mentoring process. Sternberg currently serves as a full-fledged director of the “Chavat Bein Hatlamin” association – a community farm that provides care and therapy to youth-at-risk, and she keeps getting ample offers for director positions.

Prof. Lilach Hedvati decided to implement the tools she acquired in the program. Immediately upon the program’s completion, she began to pave her way to the coveted Director position. “I know my merits and I know what I want. I already have a list of important and interesting contacts. I will not give up on the goal I set for myself, I keep sowing the seeds and I will make my way to the director position”

Founder and CEO Biloum closed the joyous event recapping the organization’s vision, “Jasmine keeps on building and strengthening an avenue of female economic leadership in Israel. We are at the forefront of progress, leading a socio-economic change, working together to bring about closeness and forge coexistence amongst all populations, to promote continuous growth and economic stability.”