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Jasmine’s Annual Conference – Business Growth in 

the Digital World

Your chance to run a successful business in the digital era

Digital.Me – Business growth in the Digital World – 23rd January 2019 A must to every business woman!

Digital.Me Conference- Business Growth in the Digital World, of Jasmine Organization, in collaboration with the Internet Association of Israel, supported by Bank Hapoalim, Bezeq Communications and Kiryat Ono College, is exactly what your business needs to make a huge leap forward, increase profits, save personnel expenses- all with minimal marketing expenses. If you don’t move forward, you’ll stay behind, because a business without Digital becomes an old one, with no growth potential and no future.

Jasmine Organization for promoting businesses owned by women sees great importance in digital development of businesses. Jasmine works every year, together with Bezeq Communications and Bank Hapoalim to train more and more women to open and manage digital business channels. Kiram Baloum, Jasmine’s CEO, sees how businesses can collapse if they don’t advance with technology: “it’s not a question of necessity, but of survival. Developing businesses in digital channels is a must, and whoever doesn’t know this will find herself with an irrelevant business, without the ability to develop advanced services for her clients, will not provide a good purchasing experience, and worst of all- with nothing to leave for generations to come”.

Baloum is aware of business women’s hesitations regarding the digital world but invites every one of them personally: “all you have to do is join us to overcome your fears and concerns, because it’s much simpler than you think. In fact, after the conference you’ll be able to do whatever is necessary for your business by yourself and become a legitimate player in the digital marketing and advertising”.


Opening a Door to the Digital World

The conference will give you practical tools and present options for digital business development. The best lecturers and experts in the field will show you how to use digital tools, such as a visual website, online shops, social media, direct mailing and more – all of those will help you increase profits in minimum cost and time.

What are the 10 steps in digital marketing which will make your business a leading brand?

What is customer experience and why is it essential for your business growth?

How can you do personal and business branding in digital channels and social media?

Is it worth it to establish a virtual shop?

Theses are only a few of the questions to which you’ll have answers to during the conference Digital.Me – a conference which aims to give you a leap into the digital world as a huge part of running a successful independent business.

It is important to remember: the digital world is the way to gain more in less effort, but it’s mainly part of our reality- whoever isn’t there- doesn’t exist!

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