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Israel’s leading experts in the labor market “pushed up” Jasmine’s women

Senior players in the Israel market led a presentation panel through “ZINUK for Businesses” program and joined the success of business women- participants of Jasmine’s exclusive program!

Jasmine aims to empower women owners of businesses in Israel, as part of its vision to bring social and economic change in Israel. Jasmine is establishing an economic community of strong female managers, from different backgrounds to expose them to senior position holders in the Israeli market, who are devoted to the success of these women and believe in Jasmine’s vision.

“ZINUK for Businesses” is the only program in Israel to uplift and promote independent women owners of businesses. This program is operated with the cooperation of Matan- Investing in the Community, the First International Bank of Israel, the Hadassah Foundation, Secret Spa and the Strauss Group- all of them believe and work towards realizing Jasmine’s vision. This program offers a unique management training, for independent business women who are experienced and have a record of a few years as business women. One of the highlights of “ZINUK for Businesses” is the presentation panel meeting with both the program’s participants and experts from the Israeli market.

Senior and leading experts from the Israeli market join “ZINUK for Businesses
The presentation panel conducted with leading key figures in the economy, provided a practical empowerment experience regarding networking with leading figures in the economy. The participants enjoyed their opportunity to impress and create business opportunities even after the program.

Anat Yaguri, program facilitator, explains: ” after this stage of the program, the participants will gain management tools serving them in all matters of financial management, operation, marketing and sales. Each participant went through characterization, development, pricing, viability, audit and establishing basic foundations to manage their marketing- with accordance to their goals, this is where these participants implement and reach their goals, following up on their work plan and it progress. I must say that the participants succeeded in facing this challenge, they know how to save their data, explain their business decisions along the way and describe their needs professionally- precise” Yaguri concludes: “throughout the program, and today in particular, the participants wouldn’t have accomplished this much success if it weren’t for the persistence of Kiram Baloum, Jasmine’s CEO and founder- with her vision and hard work, “ZINUK for Businesses” became an exclusive and leading program in Israel”.

The experts who joined Jasmine
As part of its vision, Jasmine connects independent business women from all backgrounds in Israel (Jewish, Arab, Ultra- Orthodox, immigrants, periphery and more) with leading experts who work in key- positions in the Israeli economy. The panel consisted of people with successful records working in senior positions in the market, and leading experts:
Boaz Yadin CEO of Secret Spa; Regina Ongar, ACCT owner of a financial consultancy and director in a governmental company; Esther Levanon, the former CEO of the Stock Exchange and director in Bank Leumi; Dagan Eshel, Vice CEO of Innovation at the Strauss Group.These experts were very active in the panel, they gave feedbacks and professional reviews of the work of 10 business women. They referred questions to the participants, such as: of all the services your business offers, what is the most profitable? How does this service contribute to your business? Do you feel like you have exhausted this market? And more.

By the end of the panel, Kiram Baloum, CEO and founder of Jasmine, thanked the partners: “I would like to thank the experts who participated in this panel, the Strauss Group and Osnat Golan for their hospitality, Jasmine’s staff members and a special thanks to Anat Yaguri, facilitator of Jasmine’s program “ZINUK for Businesses”, for her professional work”.

Baloum addressed the importance of this encounter and the professionality of the experts and the participants: “each one of these 10 business women presented their business to the panel, the changes that accrued in it, the expansion and increase in profits and the achievable goals she set for herself with Jasmine’s help. But what’s most important is that each one of you was able to answer the questions referred to you by experts and have a professional dialog. These questions were various and concerned matters like financial management, viability, market analysis and even innovation”.
“Standing in front of these experts and answering their questions and prove your work, with confidence and proactivity is not easy and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Well done to all 10 women who were able to break through, while thinking profoundly and managing their business, planning and succeeding. We at Jasmine believe you will reach bigger things and bigger profits”.

The business women who participated in the panel:

Tal Ronen, owner of a consultancy agency and founder of a waste disposal.
Hagit Shahaf, owner of a company which develops, manufactures and distributes homotopical products.
Shlomit Rogel, owner of diamond jewelry design company.
Malki Stern, exclusive jewelry design company.
Rivky Gliss, owner of a marketing strategy and conflict management company
Yifat Bacher, senior consultant of home economics. Lectures, workshops and consultancy for private homes.
Michal Aviv, real- estate consultant for placement, recruitment and guidance.
Galit Hertskovitch, owner of a cosmetics institute.
Shoshi Levna, stylist- lectures, workshops and personal guidance.
Yonni Baklo, emotional trainer for stress relief.

Are you also considering joining “ZINUK for Businesses”?

“ZINUK for Businesses” is designed for powerful women who have already established their business and want to expand it- much more! This program offers a rare opportunity to grow and reach new places in the business world, to identify and expand potential target populations, to execute business and marketing plans and to sell and increase profits. “ZINUK for Businesses” gives practical tools and opens new doors, new markets and more exposure to new clients.

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