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Jasmine’s team enrichment activities

Jasmine’s team, being the engine which drives our activities, is of great importance to us. Jasmine invests in team enrichment activities by providing lectures, knowledge and further development activities, emphasizing teamwork and promoting our agenda as a national organization that promotes women.

At the meeting, held on May 24, we enjoyed an enriching workshop about “Our image”, by Sabrin Hasson Tafesh, a personal image and styling consultant. Sabrin runs image and styling workshops in the private and public sectors. She also lectures about the “Effective Image”, for business people / public figures / students, mentors and provides personal image consulting for clients, dresses up actors in commercials. (such as: The Arab Israel Bank campaign, Tnuva, Tirat Zvi and others).


During the meeting, the team learned about the effect of our appearance and the importance of “first impression”, as well as body language. We also learned about the messages conveyed through the image, on how to avoid common mistakes, reviewed some examples of negative and positive messages, how to convey messages that promote our goals and reflect professionalism, charisma and high motivation. The effect our appearance has on our self-confidence and self-esteem, we also learned about the structure of our body and face, choosing the right cuts, how to use fabrics, colors, cuts and accessories to create the best, radiant, and essential look, as well as how to upgrade our look, to create a strong unique and personal impression. During the meeting Sabrin provided many real-life examples and practical tips for the women in the room. The meeting was very professional and at the same time created a great atmosphere in the room.