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“Breaking Screen”: A new program will provide women the tools for public speaking

On the verge of launching the “Breaking Screen” program, Kiram Baloum, CEO of Jasmine, explains why she decided to open the new program: “Jasmine advances women to leadership positions, and while doing so we must decipher every challenge – including stage fright and fear of personal exposure”

The “Breaking Screen” program – the secrets to standing in front of an audience, is intended for women executives and businesswomen who wish to acquire professional tools for public speaking, and it will focus on developing the basic skills of each and every participant and on disappearing the barriers causing the “stage-fright” phenomenon. Thus, the program will allow our participants to improve their business performance, promote branding and personal marketing and open the door to new prospects.

“Deciphering the source of the fear which causes so many strong women to refrain from exposure”

Underlying this decision is Jasmine’s extensive and widespread activity in a variety of areas, as part of building a female economic leadership avenue in Israel. Among other things, Jasmine identified the need to strengthen the audience of businesswomen in the representational and personal aspect, as the presenters of the business they own as well as senior executives.

“The purpose of the new program is to train women for public speaking situations and thus improve business performance, as this is another step by Jasmine towards realizing the vision of expanding the female economic avenue and creating a managerial balance at the centers of influence,” says Kiram Baloum, CEO and founder of Jasmine. “We recognized that there are many brilliant women who are afraid to put themselves at the forefront, and this is another way for us to furnish them with another important tool on their way to becoming financial leaders.”

Balaam emphasizes the importance of the program: “We always strive to realize our goal and bring about a change in the economy map, this is Jasmine’s specialization”.

The program will be led by Sfaa Farhat, who holds a master’s degree in administration and politics, lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Herzliya Center, a journalist, TV commentator and founder and CEO of the “Sffa” school for success and personal branding. In the course of her activities, Sfaa provides lectures about presentation, public speaking and standing in front of a camera. “Although there are brilliant women in business and in the academy, many of them struggle with presenting and engaging with an audience, which hinders their progress,” says Sffa, “I knew that together with Kiram Baloum, CEO of Jasmine, we could promote and grow stronger and more dominant female leadership – at every level of Israeli society and economy”.

Is there a way to “neutralize” the fear of public speaking?”

Absolutely. Among other things, we will be dealing with that in the program. The goal is to ‘peel’ the shells that have built up the wall of fear over the years. We will be dealing precisely with these questions – what is fear of public speaking and where it is coming from, how has our development over the years been affected by fear, what were the consequences, and whether they are real”.

What kind of tools do you give the program participants?

“First, we need to learn how the brain works and how to work our brain, which will allow us to use the tools to influence the way we are perceived when we are in front of an audience. The program will also include tools that will help the participants step forward and move from the comfort zone and into the action-for-change zone.

We will use tools such as body language, intonation, telling the content we convey to the audience, and more. These and other tools are designed to help the participants to present themselves in an attractive manner, leaving a ‘taste for more’. In addition, the program will deal with creating a personal image for the participants’ business sector on the web and in general – we will learn how to be charismatic and compelling presenters”.

Jasmine, which develops programs that include theoretical and practical tools adapted to the needs that arise from the field, requires that participants in the “Breaking Screen” program also go through the implementing steps, which will ensure practical experience and implementation of the tools.

Among other things, the participants will be required to compose a lecture, put together a well-worded speech using a simple and powerful process as well as make a summary presentation about a topic to be chosen during the program.

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