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Ninth and Tenth meetings of “Izun” Program

The last two meetings of the “Izun-training program for directorships” were a significant and exceptional leap forward.
The group created in all its forms, whether in personal connections, investment, perseverance and quality. They connected as a strong quality group with an innovative approach that could lead to significant and valuable change in companies/ organizations and will affect the Israeli economy.
In a meeting on “Internal and External Networks” led by Michal Israel on behalf of Jasmine, insights emerged, attesting a combination of creativity and feminine power that enables the creation of interface points and the creation of a supportive community that helps one another and includes refined definitions.
“Networking is a network of connections based on professionalism, based on trust, shortcut of processes, increasing closing percentages, expanding business opportunities,” “Knowledge=Strength= Money” “SMP= Strengths, Meaning, Pleasure” The mutual understandings have come together in a synergy to a common vision, which will be expressed in their practice.
The meeting served as a solid basis for the significant meeting, “Stop to Look – Midway Feedback and Coordinating Mutual Expectations”
The meeting creates an opportunity for Jasmin’s management – to be exposed to the processes in the group, to carefully examine the quality of the resources and to look ahead.
The open atmosphere allowed each and every one to converge into herself, both inside and outside of the group. Kiram Baloum, the CEO of Jasmine, started the meeting by noting that the “Izun” program was built for five years, with the clear goal of “building the economic generation and balancing the number of women in decision and influence positions”. Kiram is already looking forward and opens the way for the women. She declared: “My role is to lead the women to success. Women, who want to lead and be in influential positions will accompany by a mentor on behalf of the Jasmin, who will accompany them on the way there. The program is the basis and I expect the women who take on the position of director, will be the future generation of leadership.”
Kiram prepares the participants for the path to be accompanied by challenges and therefore it is necessary to plan the way, work hard to realize the dream and not give up easily.
Today, more and more companies have discovered the value and importance of integrating women into the board of directors.
The participants gave us the opportunity to enter their “world” while exposing their insights and expectations from the program. We were thrilled to discover in each and every one of them, the rich and valuable content:
“I am interested in bringing the business world together with the ethical world, empower women”
“I am looking for a place where I can bring integrity to the unfair authorities, I want to change and influence from within.”
“It is important for me personally to be involved in something of value and meaning, to bring to the organizations a different perception”
“My goal is to connect my agenda and influence, to promote partnerships by creative ideas for cooperation. I did not give up the dream of being a director and the road is long.”
“Women need to bring in different energy, understand the business world, create partnerships, friendships and get to know new people”
“I came back so excited from the first meeting, when I saw the cadre of women who are working to strengthen the community”
“I see the program as the next stage in which I can bring my ability to influence, the emphasis is on the way how. With the tools I get, I’m sure I can make a difference”