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Senior executives join the “Hand in Hand, embarking on the Road to Success” venture to strengthen diverse small and medium businesses

A life belt: Following the Corona crisis, the Jasmine Association enrolls senior corporate executives as well as the organization’s alumni to provide advice and guidance to divers medium and small businesses from all sectors of the country’s population. Kiram Baloum, CEO of Jasmine was quoted saying: “This is our opportunity to join hands and be part of the economy’s growth engine”


Hundreds of thousands of businesses have been adversely affected by the Corona crisis in Israel, including various suppliers, who provide services and products to companies and corporations within the Wesource platform led by Jasmine, aiming to integrate mid-sized and small business vendors, defined as diverse businesses, into the supply chain and the diverse procurement opportunities in large companies and corporations.

These are about 260,000 independent businesses, of which approximately 163,000 are small businesses with up to 4 employees and about 54,000 are businesses with up to 20 employees, which employ about 37% of all employees in the economy. Together they form the country’s employment and economy engine. Kiram Baloum, CEO and Founder of Jasmine stated: “It is now, more than ever, that business owners need reinforcement, support, guidance, and professional business advice and mentoring. The situation now also calls for the initiative of senior executives and policymakers in leading companies and corporations, to have them contribute their knowledge and experience, and to work hand in hand with Jasmine in its endeavor to achieve economic independence for diverse businesses in the multi-cultural Israeli society. Together we can bring forth stability, economic growth, and even prevent poverty and unemployment.”

How can collaborations help small businesses overcome the crisis they had to face?

To maintain the stability of small businesses so that they could continue to provide services and products to their customers, make a living and support their employees, and even develop and grow financially, Jasmine launched a unique program called “Hand in Hand, Embarking on the Road to Success”, enrolling senior executives as well as leading companies and organizations in the economy to provide professional support to business owners, an activity Jasmine has been specializing for over a decade. As part of the program, companies will assign professionals who will volunteer to advise business owners on relevant and vital issues, such as strategy and design of models that are tailored to the current and future markets, developing and adapting existing business infrastructure, management & financial decision-making skills, building a profitable business model for the existing business, tips for maintaining the business’ status as a “stable supplier” in the procurement department of a large company, technology management infrastructures, digital marketing, relevant product and service development, financial management and more.

Jasmine enrolls leading corporations in the economy!
Jasmine’s unique power lies in its ability to enroll Israel’s leading corporations to help economically and socially weak populations, while at the same time identifying the challenges faced by Israeli business owners from all walks of life, and providing them with professional and practical solutions.