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How did the balancing plan manage to change the map of the boards in Israel?

Ofra Strauss emphasized Jasmine’s mission, i.e. equal representation of women from all populations, noting that: “The vision of this organization, which works to promote women and speaks several languages, is special, suitable and relevant to the Israeli fabric of life. We have a huge mission ahead of us – to empower all sections of the population.”

The Izun program was established to build a female economic leadership avenue for Israel and to promote women to senior positions in the centers of influence in the Israeli economy, companies, organizations, and public entities. So far, 100 graduates have completed the program. The last cycle was characterized by the mentors’ request to accompany the program participants. Dozens of mentors have volunteered for the organization’s vision after they themselves have already obtained senior positions, aspiring to leverage more women for key positions. Kiram Baloum commented: “As more and more women join the leadership rows of the Israeli economy, the more diverse representation we place in all sectors, the more the influence of women will grow. Today I can testify that this “snowball” is ever-growing and intensifying, with an increasing number of women serving in senior positions, who are both eager to help other women join the circle of leadership and influence, and are in a position to do so.”

Behind the scenes of the Izun program
JASMINE trains tens of thousands of Jewish and Arab women to promote economic prosperity and sees the managerial avenue as an anchor for the advancement of more women. The Izun program for training and integrating influential women-directors, in collaboration with Supersonas, the Women’s Lobby, the KEN Association, Women’s Leadership Association and the Women-Directors for Change Forum, is at the of the campaign to achieve these goals and helps create a new reality of proper representation for groundbreaking career women around the decision-makers’ tables in general and on the boards of directors of public, and government companies in particular.

During the course of the program, participants are exposed to all the content worlds intertwined with the role of a director, gaining a broad knowledge and a deep forefront understanding of the worlds of business, economics, and the law. They learn diverse management methods and get tools tailored to the current corporate governance era. Izun participants are mentored by senior executives in the economy, who serve as veteran directors or have extensive experience in managing companies, which helps them break into senior positions.

Among other things, this activity makes allows for the expansion of the female economic management avenue, based on the principle of leading socio-economic change for the sake of a stable society and a diverse and growing economy.  The long-term strategy underlying the Izun program includes the training and integration of 5 annual classes 2017-2021, for the purpose of forming and strengthening an avenue of strong female economic leadership.