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“Leaping Forward”: Tens of Percentage Increase in Revenue and Earnings of Zinuk Graduates

Graduates of Jasmine’s program Zinuk, the only program in Israel that has built and implemented a proven model for managing and developing a successful business, have shown tens of percantages in business growth, as part of a business meeting to summarize their class

How does Jasmine summarize the success of another Class of the Zinuk program? As always, in practical actions and tools to continue managing a growing and relevant business. Thus, at a thrilling business event attended by some of the leading businesswomen in the economy, graduation certificates were awarded to participants in the Zinuk program, who presented amazing results for the growth of their businesses.

Kiram Baloum, CEO of Jasmine: “success rates are enormousHaifa’s Zinuk program was completed as part of the BIG DREAM business event, which was held at the Haifa Municipality’s “prototype”, concluding 22 sessions of the “Zinuk” program – participants in the “Zinuk” program underwent a learning process that included the acquisition of practical tools for business development and goal setting, and all were given Business – management consultation.”As part of the process, the participants learned to recognize themselves as business owners and not as professionals in the business,” explains Kiram Baloum, CEO and founder of Jasmine, “The process has provided them with tools to implement management practices that can help them promote the business today and in the future.” “Participants learn to accurately examine the real expenses of the business, most of them realize that they are concentrating on the professional and non-managerial side and thus very quickly lose money.” “Zinuk is a real practical program”, says Baloum, ” the success rates are enormous, and we are proud of the results and achievements that graduates have accomplished not only during the program itself but also later in their business management and business.”

If this sounds like an impossible journey, then you will be surprised: “Zinuk” has become a national model for the success of business development and operation, “Zinuk” has proven to lead to success in increasing business profits and thus to stability and economic power for businesses in Israel.

Leading business women in the Israeli economy accompanied the presentation of deliverables
As part of the concluding meeting, an inspiring panel was held attended by two businesswomen, leaders in their field and in the state’s economy.

Nava College, the founder and owner of a beauty school, who shared the business path she went through and experienced and shared tips for running the business.

Ola Bachar Salameh, CEO of GrowOn Business Boutique for Start-Up Initiatives: “The Zinuk program is great for any business that really wants to grow.”


As part of the meeting, Anat Yaguri, a business consultant and facilitator of the Zinuk program, described the process business owners went through in the course of the program, and provided additional tools.


Itamar Ben Shefer, owner of the company custom-site, gave a lecture that included many applied digital presence tips, Digital Presence is a Means and not a Goal.

The program’s alumni: “Any woman who wants to manage a profitable business must join Zinuk”

 Sahar Huri, owner of a complementary medicine treatment clinic, realized after 9 years that she was running the business amateurishly, and joined the “Zinuk” program, where she began working with real-world data, managing cash flow, and conducting monitoring and surveillance.

Mayan Kedem, a graphic design studio owner, who realized she wanted to run her business better. Following the program, she reached the target she set for the revenue turnover, set long-term goals and decided to open more virtual stores, design for an existing brand and create business collaborations.

The business grew by 50%

Sigal Zuker, owner of a Sexual and Marital Training Center, realized in 2018 that the business needed a change. Today Zuker knows how to properly price her services, manage time and work with measurable work plans.

Orit Hausman-Gal, a yoga studio owner, has set herself a goal to increase revenues by 10% in the program. During the program, she acquired a new business customer, which constitutes a significant share of the revenue.

Revenes Increased by 170%

Nivin Ruhana, who owns the IFACE Medical Aesthetics Clinic, came to “Zinuk” after feeling she had no tools to run a business and did not see growth and profitability. Today she says: “My recommendation to every woman who wants to start an independent path is to join “Zinuk” and purchase the tools to help her succeed and achieve her goals.

Hadar Fink-Tevet, owner of a law firm, came to the program after 6 years as an independent business owner. During the program, Fink-Tevet has learned how to implement all the milestones and has already surpassed the goal she set for 2019, in the third quarter of the year.

Bat Hen Shapira, owner of a group mentoring campus, testifies that in the Zinuk program, she has acquired work methods and management tools that allow her to work in a monitored and controlled manner: “Zinuk is a challenging and uncompromising program, it has led to a significant momentum in my business, thanks to the program I set up procedures, and achieved my goals.”

The meeting ended with distribution of certificates to the “Zinuk” participants.

“Jasmine’s door is always open for Zinuk women, and they are welcome to contact us and continue to consult with us. The Zinuk program is the beginning of a process, there is always something to learn to continue and develop the business,” Baloum told the participants. More and more business entities and decision makers are choosing to support the Zinuk program, in light of the program’s proven achievements.

“I would like to thank the many partners we had for the doing, the organization’s vision in general and the event in particular- the First International Bank, Matan Investment in the Community, Super-Pharm, The Business Prototype, Haifa Municipality- Economic Society, Hadassah Fund, Jewish Women’s Fund-Jewish Federation New Jersey, Secret Spa Company and the Jasmine program staff.”

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