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The “Tamnoon” Program for Training & Certifying Management & Business Development Consultants has been launched

Jasmine, which specializes in identifying needs and designating operational plans for women entrepreneurs and existing business owners, has developed a unique and first-of-its-kind program for training and certification of business consultants in the field of managing and developing existing businesses, in collaboration with Bank Hapoalim.

This month, for the very first time in Jasmine, the “Tamnoon” program for training management consultants was launched. The program was established in collaboration with Bank Hapoalim and is based on the “Samurai” management method, founded by economist Ofer Makmel.

“About 45,000 businesses close up shop every year in Israel, most of them owned by women from society’s various sectors – Arabs, Druze, ultra-Orthodox and women from the periphery,” says Kiram Balum, CEO and founder of Jasmine, “when the main reason for their demise is related to lack of managerial expertise and skill
The first class to ever participate in the program consisting of 17 qualified businesswomen, gets professional training tailored to the new and current economy as well as to the current and future market. The training incorporates ongoing task management skills, profitability pricing, project management, business development, and the know-how of establishing a business from the very beginning.

They will undergo an internship as management and development consultants for businesses and organizations. Ofer Makmel explains: “Participants get a clear picture of how to run a business and how to lead a business owner to an optimal process, in three main axes based on the three-sword method of business consulting – business analysis, business development and mental development.”

The participants in the program attest that the transformation in their perception of management is already affecting the business they own and even has a surprising effect on their private lives.

For instance, one of the participants states: “I learned what improvements in need to introduce in terms of value delivery and the actual results my clients achieve.”

“These are visionary consulting professionals with a mission. Women who have come a long way in the business world, some in their second career, and have each specialized in their respective field,” says Makmel.

One of the participants in the program is Mazal Tzubali, who retired from Bank Hapoalim four years ago and opened the “Center for Financial Consciousness.” “Even though I AM a business consultant, I could not help the feeling that I was lacking tools, since my specialty is in the financial aspect.”

She created a vision for the business she owns, formulated accurate and innovative products, learned to create business collaborations, and more. “In the Tamnoon program I learn to provide value to customers, understand how to accurately build the business, converse with my clients from the solutions rather than the problem, she says.

All this would not have happened without Kiram Balum, the soul and engine behind the program. Kiram has the unique ability to identify women with potential and lead them forward.”

The overarching goal of the program is to establish new branches and strengthen existing ones, consisting of women professionals who specialize in providing guidance and direction to existing business owners. The idea is to have these women become business leaders across the country, mentoring struggling businesses from within their crisis to a long-lasting thriving business,” concludes Blaum.