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Unprecedented Accomplishments of Jasmine’s Program “IZUN”

52 women have finished the program, which aims to integrate women in the public and business sectors in Israel.

Jasmine’s CEO, Kiram Baloum: “this who takes responsibility is the responsible one”.

“My father used to say: ‘this who takes responsibility and doesn’t blame others is responsible”, Kiram Baloum opened the annual event of IZUN Program during the conference “Women in the Center of Influence”, aiming to integrate women as directors in leading companies in the public and economic sector in Israel.

This conference is one of many events for networking and business collaborations. Tens of participants of IZUN Program and other men and women in senior positions attended the conference to support Baloum’s message: “let’s not wait for law enforcement to implement gender equality- we can do it!”.

Baloum explained that it is time to stop talking about inequality and lack of female representation in key positions and start taking actions into our hands: “we need to take care of ourselves”, says Baloum, “you deserve it, take things into your hands, promote yourselves, get into local authorities, municipalities, companies. If you try, no man will ever stop you. Women promote women, so let’s take care of each other.”

Men and Women in Senior Positions in the Israeli Labor Market and Government Participated in the Conference “Women in the Center of Influence”.

IZUN participants and men and women from senior positions participated in the conference. Among them was Ella Elkali’e of IBI Investment House Ltd., Chairwoman of the Israel Women’s Network said: “when women win, we all win”. Eva Madjevoz, head of the Authority of the Advancement of Women at the Ministry of Social Equality said: “it’s important to remember that women are excellent managers. Sisterhood is a crucial part of the process. Men take care of each other. If we do that, we’ll have extra power.”

Chairman of the electricity Company Board of Directors, major- general Tiftakh Ron- Tal; Hanna Rado and Gigit Shlomi- business entrepreneurs, Tax Forum Chairwoman and Deputy President of the Tax Consultants Authority participated in the conference. The later said: “growing up, I was a rebel. I always found a way to turn no’s into yeses. Today, I accept the no’s, I can learn from them and grow. “No” makes us try harder”.

One of the guests of honor was Dr. Samer Haj Yihia, attorney, accountant, CFA, MBA, who said: “women don’t get what they deserve. They should embrace a positive attitude, which will help personally and professionally.”

Among the women holding a senior position was Esther Lebanon, director, previously served as CEO of the Stock Exchange who said: “what are the rules of the game? To be better than men. When a woman makes a career, it’s a family matter. Message is:  don’t try to accomplish everything. It’s not possible. Just be yourselves.”. Regina Onger, Acct. facilitated the conference. She is a senior lecturer and a financial consultant of many companies. She said: “the percentage of women who serve as directors is 24%, which doesn’t match our percentage of the population, 51%. She who dares and wants, can. That is how I was brought up”.

IZUN for Women in the Center of Influence

Women in the Center of Influence Conference was held in July this year and was the highlight of the second year of IZUN program, led by Jasmine, who gave our certificates to the participants.

IZUN already has 5 groups whose goal is to build a generation of female economic leadership which will be part of the decision- making and become an influential power over the Israeli economy and society. “IAUN aims to empower independent women and open up opportunities to integrate as directors of governmental, municipal and public leading companies in Israel. Baloum explains, looking at the long- term results of the program: ” I believe that those women will break through and path the way for others to integrate as directors in big companies. Their promotion will become an influential power over decision- making in Israel”.

IZUN opened with 26 female directors, serving for over 10 years in public companies traded at the stock exchange, Arab and Jewish leading the Israeli economy.

Throughout the program, they accompany participants who want to reach the top of the pyramid, path the way and offer their time and knowledge in different areas. some of them even become mentors of other business women.

IZUN Participants Establish Business Relations

Among participants of the second group is Tamar Rahamim, an Orthodox Jewish woman, with a vast management experience and a degree in law. She offered her candidacy for running the local authority of her town. Rihamim says her participation in IZUN has strengthen her will to continue running for mayor and helped her to build relations and networks. Rihamim is accompanied by a mentor throughout the program and her courage has encouraged other participants.

Liron Porat, another participant of IZUN is a director in an audit committee who came to the program with a financial, entrepreneur and management background. Through IZUN she met influential key- position holders and managed to elevate these relations to create business ties with Mody Karet, director at Istaa and Bezeq, who is now her mentor in the program.

The strongest relation in the program is between participants themselves. Liron was invited to give a lecture in a business established by another participant, Shani Srour. This is part of IZUN, to give a platform for women who have succeeded in becoming key- position holders, that come to the program and volunteer to give lectures to other female entrepreneurs. Yifat Angel, IZUN graduate has also invited Liron to give a lecture. Liron says for her this is more than just a program, but rather a commitment and mutual guarantee. It feels that Jasmine is very attentive for the needs of the participants and has an immense will to succeed. Because of IZUN’s success, some of the participants applied for directors’ positions.

Another participant who successfully uses tools of IZUN is Shorouq Athamneh, 39, married and a mother of 2 girls, residing in Baqa El Gharbia and holds a bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences and a master’s in microbiology from Ben Gurion University. Today, Shorouq promotes products of MSD pharmaceutical company in the Arab community. “I have always considered myself an ambassador, an entrepreneur and an ambitious person”, she says. In all of my career I made sure to be the best female representation there is”. Her main agenda is “to be in key- positions which can influence and promote women.” This made her join IZUN. Nowadays, she is working on establishing new projects for healthcare, reducing cultural gaps etc. Shorouq is determined to create a female corporation model, which aims to bring female power together. Her message is: “be sure that you also can!”. Shorouq and Rotem Eliaho, also IZUN participant- established a company together.

IZUN Graduates are Leading Directors and Hold Key Public Positions!

Up till now, Jasmine has trained 52 independent women and led them to key positions, out of which 29 graduated from the first group in 2017. Ten participants who particularly stand out are those who succeeded in entering key positions, such as directors in the study fund of civil servants, CEO of Kibbutz Lehavot Haviva, Director in the Water Corporation, Board Members and Directors in Economic Companies in Municipalities and Local Authorities, Board Members in social organizations and private companies.

This year the second group will graduate, with 23 participants, most of which are on their way to implement their integration into key- positions, with the accompaniment of Jasmine assisting them in creating business relations through events such as the conference.

IZUN offers an academic part – a curriculum drafted professionally, a practical part – expanding knowledge and practicing what was taught in the academic part, and other contents such as branding, networking and more. For those who excel in the program, a mentor is offered to accompany them and guide them on their way to the position.

Keren Michaeli, Secretary of Kibbutz Lehavot Haviva, said during an interview “the program touches the little details that hold us back. I have made a change because of IZUN and applied for chairwoman in the Kibbutz’s board and succeeded! Today, I’m the legal advisor in a leading bank in Israel. This makes the program successful and has leverage over other programs. What makes it unique is its female approach. It is the understanding that I still don’t know nut have the ability to cope and learn – strengths my faith and my self- belief”.

Angel Alfalah, Director, reaches out to women saying: “if you’re serious, willing to invest and interested in the position – go for it and you’ll make it. Doors were opened to me and appointments were made. This program gave me the opportunity to go out there,

be proactive and overcome my fears. I also joined the Mentoring program and gained a lot. Because of IZUN, I was accepted at the Government Companies Directors’ league out of 10,000 applicants. IZUN has given me a lot.” As for contents, she adds: “professional content, understanding what is being a Director means: responsibilities and legal issues, establishing new relations. I succeeded in breaking through from the safe place and made a difference.”

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