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“Jasmine” Receives the Prestigious Genesis National Prize

The 1 million $ Prize was awarded to 37 out of 220 organizations that promote change in women empowerment in Israel. Jasmine has positioned itself on the top of the most influential organizations in Israel. Kiram Baloum, CEO: “we took it upon ourselves to continue leading social and economic change by building and strengthening female leadership”.


“Gender equality and inclusion are our motto. It is important for us to say that the entire Israeli society has benefited from your contribution and support for making a better and more equal society, so thank you.” Said Lucy Aharish, Prize Ceremony facilitator. The ceremony was held in the beginning of September at Rabin Center, in the presence of Genesis management, Kahn Foundation and led by United Way- Matan. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the first Genesis Prize Recipient for her life’s work awarded the prize.

“We proved that everything is possible”

Kiram Baloum, Jasmine CEO, who leads the organization to uncompromising success by promoting Arab and Jewish women in the Israeli economy and society, has published an announcement after receiving the prize, expressing her gratitude and pride of the acknowledgment of Jasmine’s important work: “Jasmine’s management, staff member, participants and women in Israel are excited and proud of receiving the Genesis Prize, in collaboration with Genesis, Kahn Foundation and United Way- Matan. It is not taken for granted being here and receiving the prize. It is a challenge and a great responsibility, but I believe it can be done. We proved today that everything is possible”.

The prestigious Prize positions Jasmine on the top of the list of influential organizations in Israel

Hundreds of organizations applied for the prize, 220 of them reached the second stage, and eventually only 37 organizations were selected, including Jasmine. The prize, 1 million Dollars, is aimed to encourage women empowerment in Israel and will be divided among these 37 organizations.

“We took it upon ourselves to continue with our strategy and lead economic and social change in Israel, through building a strong female economic leadership”, declared Baloum at the end of the ceremony and addressed IZUN program, upon which Jasmine received the prize: “the program continues to lead influential leading women to the top of the pyramid and to decision- making positions in Israel, aiming to promote business women.” Baloum thanked the partners funding this program- The Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Jewish Women Foundation of New York, Bank Hapoalim, The Hadassah Foundation, Ms. Ofra Strauss and Ms. Galia Albin- “who did and are still doing a lot for Jasmine”.

The Immense Success of IZUN Program for Influential Directors:

Jasmine’s significant achievement of this prize is the result of hard work and following the vision. This organization led by women and for women, works in different arenas for economic and social promotion of women through tens of projects aimed to empower and strengthen businesses owned by Arab and Jewish women of all sectors and socio- economic status in Israel.

These programs are designed to encourage entrepreneurship, promote businesses owned by women and build a strong female leadership in Israel. The outcomes are measurable, and the goals are monitored. IZUN started in 2017, through which Arab and Jewish women owners of successful businesses, with an academic background and experience in management are encouraged to follow a management career in senior positions in governmental and public companies in Israel. “Our goal is for these women to integrate in powerful positions, take part in decision- making and lead policies of promoting economic interests for business women and equal rights for business owners”, says Baloum.

The program includes 4 main stages: academic training, practical training, mentoring by directors from leading companies in Israel and eventually building a forum of strong generation of influential female decision- makers. Baloum speaks of the vision: ” looking at the employment arena in Israel, we can see that business women have not achieved their rightful place among decision- makers, and their interests are not on the agenda. Moreover, SMEs owned by women are only 4% of all SMEs, and only 17% of SMEs are co- managed. Inclusion of women in senior positions is a major step towards promoting them and their influence on decision- making and on other women in Israel”.

The Results Scream Success!

The uniqueness of Jasmine is its way in leading the change, a way based on actions, on practical and strategical programs with proven outcomes: “independent business owners are target audience whose rights will not be realized unless they reach the top of the economy. The program is built in a way to achieve actual results- inclusion of women in key- positions. The second stage is critical, as it provides a basis and a practical solution to women with management skills, who are capable of filling senior positions in public and governmental companies,” Baloum concludes.

The criteria for awarding the prize include many aspects, among which is “outcome”, which Jasmine passed after presenting proven evidence of short and long- term successes that include change in the perspective and business management of participants, networking and establishing new business relations by the participants themselves, and inclusion of these participants as directors in public companies and in key positions. As part of the success measures, Jasmine examined the presence of these women during the program, which had a 95% success, satisfaction and fulfillment of these women and their contribution to the program, and most importantly- practical outcomes, 18 out of 24 participants will be motivated to draft a work plan to achieve their goal of integration in senior positions. After examining these measurable outcomes, we can see that Jasmine has succeeded in achieving the program’s goals and closed the 2017 class with impressive results: 3 participants were integrated as directors in private companies, 5 participants passed an interview for the Directors’ League in the Governmental Companies’ Authority, and one of them was accepted for the league, 1 participant was accepted as a director for the authority and became Chairwoman of Kibutz Lehavot Haviva. Also, 3 participants were integrated as members of different management committees of national organizations.

photographed by: Natasha Kuperman