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The international community comes to Israel to learn from the Jasmine Model

A delegation of 31 women representing three Jewish communities around the world came to learn from the Jasmine model, given the organization’s proven success in advancing women within the Israeli economy. The delegation heard the success stories of founder and CEO Kiram Baloum and businesswoman Mas Watad.

Jasmine was selected to showcase its activity to the international communities after becoming an international model for advancing women in the economy and society. “We are happy to share our knowledge and experience and it is our privilege to be a source of information for organizations, companies, businesswomen, and women entrepreneurs. Jasmine endeavors to share the knowledge gained, participate in designing programs and strategies for organizations or  women business owners,  motivated by our belief in values such as supporting women, knowledge sharing, and collaborative work”, says Kiram Baloum, Founder and CEO of the organization, who recently hosted a learning tour for an international delegation of 31 women from three Jewish communities in Krakow, Palo Alto and Ramat Hasharon, all members of JCCA.

One of the reasons for the international attention to the Jasmine model is the long-term results presented by the model. Baloum: “…. So far 11,000 women have been supported by Jasmine, the percentage of graduates is over 80%, and Jasmine women continue to expand their boundaries …”. In light of the model’s success, Jasmine is at work to duplicate the Israeli model to neighboring countries and even to Europe. As part of the “Woman’s Voice” seminar, the women of the delegation sought to enrich their knowledge and learn about Jasmine’s methods. It should be noted that all delegation women are members of the JCCA, which includes about 160 community centers, operating in conjunction with the JCC GLOBAL organization representing Jewish community centers around the world and the driving force behind the “Colleagues 0.2 – Global Leadership Network” program.

Baloum opened the meeting telling the audience about her unique decision to pursue a career in management and economics, in contrast to what is customary in the society she grew up in. “This decision paved the way to the establishment of Jasmine, which is dedicated to advance more women in realizing their dreams, fulfilling their potential and eventually taking their place in companies and boards in the Israeli economy and government”, said Baloum.

Mas Watad, president, founder and owner of the international nutrition company,  presented her life’s work, sharing with her fellow women how she had seen herself as an entrepreneur at the age of 10, how she chose to study clinical nutrition and started creating a true revolution in the culinary perception of the Arab world with the intention to imbue rich and health nutritional habits and provide a solution for diabetes and obesity within the Arab society. “Instead of fixing the problems resulting from the phenomenon, I have decided to solve the problem itself”, says Mass whose methods helped hundreds of women from various Arab countries to lose weight, positively impacting their families and communities. She further said that “the value leading me is to empower other women and instill faith in women and their abilities”.

“Based on the common economic denominator shared by women business owners and the partnerships created in reality, the organization strives to create stability, prosperity, and shared life, …. a value that drives us and all the partners who join Jasmine in creating a new reality”, concluded Baloum.

The next goal Baloum set for herself and the organization is to replicate Jasmine’s models to other countries where women are unable to enter the economy.