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The “Izun 3” team for female economic leadership advances to the execution stage

Galloping ahead: 95% of Yasmin’s unique national program, for training and integrating women in senior positions in the economy, successfully completed the theoretical phase and advance forward to the implementation phase, mentored by senior executives from the Israeli economy.

Jasmine has successfully concluded the theoretical phase of the third cycle of its flagship program “Izun – Influential Women Directors”, which constitutes a significant tool for constituting and strengthening the female voice amongst decision-makers and establishing an avenue of female financial leadership in Israel.

Dozens of women have entered senior positions and are at work to promote more women!
Recently, the Jasmine Association held a session for completing the theoretical phase and embarking on the practical implementation phase of its third Izun Program, in which talented successful academic women are trained for directors’ roles and senior management positions in the Israeli economy. “Women are the driving force of economic growth and the program provides them with a unique set of tools enabling them to pave their way into the country’s financial leadership avenue,” explains Kiram Baloum, CEO and founder of Jasmine, which has so far trained dozens of women to take senior positions in the economy. 

The goal: Train over 100 women to serve in influential roles
According to the Government Companies Authority data, the percentage of women in senior management positions is at 43% and is continuously improving. Jasmine has a significant part in this trend. “Our goal is to strengthen the pyramid roles by integrating women and showcasing successful models of women leaders and managers who are involved in making crucial social and economic decisions,” explains Baloum.

Executives in the economy are coming together for the success of the Jasmine women
One of the great benefits of “Izun” is meeting experienced directors, who mentor the participants. The participants met with women executives and leaders, who serve on the boards of public and government companies in the Israeli economy during the very first phase of the program, including Orit Stav, Roni Budo, Osnat Hillel and Avivit Peleg.

“Izun 3”: 95% of program participants went on to the practical implementation phase accompanied by an executive from the economy

95% of the participants have advanced to the implementation phase and are expected to join the female leadership avenue Jasmine is establishing in Israel. “Izun 3” has already made its first achievement when one of the participants, Livnat Kizner, CEO of the Business College – Association of Chambers of Commerce, was appointed director of “Ta’asiYeda”.
In January 2020, a The “Izun 3” program will hold a major event focusing on the importance of integrating women in the center of influence, attended by senior members of the Israeli economy, directors, BOD chairs of government and public companies, CEOs, government representatives, businessmen and businesswomen.
“Jasmine’s vision is to create continuity of the female financial leadership avenue that we promote, so that each of these women will attract more women into the executive leadership cycle and will contribute to the advancement of women at the outset of their business journey,” concludes Baloum, “this is meant to create a female balance in management and critical decisions regarding diplomatic and financial matters. In addition, in this way, women will get to promote women.”
Jasmine’s  management and staff wish to thank our partners who contributed to the success of the program: Miami Jewish Federation, United Appeal, Genesis Foundation, Matan Investing in the Community, Ruppin Academic Center headed by Center President Prof. Galia Sabar, Supersonas led by Hanna Rado, the lecturers and guest lecturers, the mentors accompanying the implementation phase, the professional staff of the program: Adv. Efrat Shoham, Shira Cohen, Nivi Ze’evi, Carmella Cooper, Hila Nitt, Orly Radoy and all the programs’ alumni.