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Forum IZUN for influential directors by Jasmine Organization.

Women who possess the skills to serve on board of directors gathered at Forum IZUN for influential directors, by Jasmine Organization.
Forum IZUN for influencing directors, aimed at a group of women and business managers, who have the skills to serve on board of directors, opened its doors to Forum members on May 23, 2017, hosted by the Strauss Group. The subject was “Red Lights for a Director, do and don’t do”, let by two Jasmine members: Ms. Regina Unger, CPA, lecturer at Tel Aviv University and serves as a director, in companies such as Koor Industries Ltd., Rafael and others. And Orit Stav, who was managing the activity of SVC (Siemens Venture Capital), the venture capital arm of Siemens, in the past and currently serves as a board member of six companies traded on Nasdaq and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. She holds a BA in Economics and Business Administration, and MBA from Hartford University, England.

Ms. Daniela Prusky, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Manager at Strauss Group opened the Forum’s meeting. Jasmine and the Strauss Group established a close partnership, and Ofra Strauss serves as the President, since its establishment. Daniella stressed the importance of women empowerment in the business sector and noted that following the connection with Jasmine and its agenda, they succeeded in influencing the company’s policy both in terms of senior positions occupied by women and in terms of business strategies, since most of the company’s products are being purchased by women, a powerful purchasing force all over the world.

Jasmine’s CEO, Ms. Kiram Baloum, stressed the importance of representation of women on board of directors, as Jasmine took upon its mission to influence the economic leaders and decision-makers by encouraging and empowering women within the framework of the IZUN program. Jasmine’s IZUN Forum is an infrastructure for women and business managers with the ability to become directors, to continue receiving relevant and further in-depth information on the role of director, meet with key business owners and leading companies, promote business networking and their relationships with them, as well as present themselves as future directors and ready to apply for a director position. Kiram invited other women to join the forum because it is an opportunity for successful promotion of women to managerial key decision making positions.

Ms. Regina Unger, CPA, then lectured the forum members about “Red Lights in the Functioning of Society”. She explained and gave many examples of cases in which warning lights should have been lit up for members of the Board. She further explained how to understand the meaning of these warnings and how to deal with peer pressure, while presenting the research conducted on the matter.


Afterwards, members of the forum listened to Ms. Orit Stav’s lecture on “What should I do and not to do as a director”. She provided the participants with an in-depth understanding of how to join the board of directors, what they should pay attention to, which tools they can use and what to ask for. The lecture was very interactive and the participants asked numerous questions.

IZUN forum convenes once a month. The second meeting of the forum will be held on the topic of “Risk Management”, led by Ricky Granot, who serves as a director in several public companies, in the field of finance, Psagot,  Dor Chemicals, Clal Finance Funds Trust, as well as software companies, Helman Aldubi, Meitav Portfolio Management Company, and in Biotechnology field as well.

פורום איזון

 Jasmine invites women who want to expand their knowledge and become an influential factor in women empowerment in the business sector, to join the forum.

Special thanks to the Strauss Group for their hospitality and support, to the lecturers and to the participants in the Forum.