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Jasmine’s Divers Procurement Revolution: Mega-companies in Israel open their doors to welcome the WeSource venture

 WeSource’s Success: Companies and corporations in Israel have begun to transform their procurement policies and integrate new and diverse vendors from Israel’s various populations, as part of the diverse procurement revolution led by the Jasmine association. This is the story of how Intel had become a model for success in this venture


The WeSource venture has become a groundbreaking venture in Israel – an initiative and management of the “Jasmine” association – and today it is a successful platform for encouraging the ongoing integration of diverse businesses as vendors in service of corporations and major companies in Israel.

Intel has become a model for organizational and perceptual change in the field, as part of its participation in the venture, after working with Jasmine to search for diverse vendors, training, qualifying, and integrating them into the company’s vendors pool. Year after year, there is an increase and growth among the diverse vendors Jasmine provides to Intel. “Jasmine and Intel provide a win-win solution for all parties involved, gradually eliminating the barriers businesses have been facing when trying to enter the company’s vendors pool,” says Kiram Baloum, adding that “Jasmine continues to strengthen the ability of diverse businesses to become vendors in major companies, with Intel being an example of a successful model for collaborations and proven results. ”
The relationship between Jasmine’s WeSource venture and Intel was forged in 2013 and as of 2018 Intel’s procurement policy has been modified to include at least one Diverse Vendor in its tenders.

At Intel’s 2019 Includay Conference for the promotion of diversity and inclusion, in which 1,000 of the company’s took part, the CEO of Intel Israel, Yaniv Gerti, gave a comprehensive overview of all the different areas in which Intel operates to promote social and economic integration, including the successful WeSource venture. Shira Cohen, Jasmine’s representative, presented the venture and the participants expressed great interest and obtained information about the importance of diverse procurement.
Baloum explains: “we described the existing need for diverse procurement, which is the foundation for economic prosperity for the corporation and enables working with new resources. Small and medium-sized vendors enable creativity, business flexibility, and provide products and services while adapting to the needs of the corporation so that everyone wins. The conference certainly created a sense that corporations understand that diversity and inclusion are an integral part of the way they must undergo to achieve success. The more the corporation works with diverse vendors and even opens the door to employ diverse employees from different sectors, the more it will strengthen and promote a diverse population and a more stable economy.”