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Success stories – Jasmine’s partnership with Intel

Kiram’s meeting point with Intel

We are proud that Kiram Baloum, the CEO of Jasmine, was chosen among the 50 Israelis who recommend Intel. Intel strongly encourages the integration of women-owned and minority-owned businesses into the supply chain and promotes diverse purchasing.

The connection between Intel and Jasmine was first created in 2013, when we invited to  Jasmine’s Conference the founder of WEConnect, which promotes women-owned businesses by integrating them as suppliers of leading companies worldwide. We looked for a corporation where this project can run successfully and can serve as an example for another corporations in Israel.

It turned out that in Intel Israel, the model was still inactive and when Jasmine became an organization that executes the WEConnect program in Israel, we contacted Intel and suggested that we promote the issue together. Together with Intel’s purchasing department, we held several conferences, with 60-80 business owners signing up for the project.

Later, we recognized the need of the corporations to combine a diverse purchasing and we established Jasmine’s WESOURCE venture, that encourages corporations to integrate small and medium business that meet both social and business criteria of a diverse business, as their suppliers. diverse businesses are businesses in the periphery, businesses that employ excluded populations, minority-owned businesses or women owned businesses, social businesses. Jasmine examines various parameters of the business and if it meets the requirements, it connects it with the corporations. At the same time, we are working with the corporations and checking their procurement map in order to build a plan to expand their diverse purchasing.

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